Pazhanjan Pranayam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
'Pazhanjan Pranayam' follows the life of a 40-year-old introvert school teacher, who is desperate to get married. It has a fresh premise elevated by notable performances of lead pairs but the tale turns out to be highly predictable after a certain stage.
Nov 29, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

Actor Rony David Raj delivers a standout performance in this straightforward and unpretentious film, portraying one of the most compelling characters of his career. The movie delves into the internal struggles of a man trying to navigate the fast-paced demands of society. Raj's captivating performance propels the film, unraveling its tender narrative and culminating in a satisfying outcome. Directed by debutant Bineesh Kalarikkal, "Pazhanjan Pranayam" challenges societal norms by emphasizing the inner essence over external appearances.

The storyline revolves around Mohanan, a Malayalam school teacher played by Rony David Raj, who takes an extended leave to care for his ailing father. Despite being forty years old, Mohanan faces continuous disappointment in his quest for marriage due to his traditional demeanor and timid demeanor. The film beautifully explores Mohanan's self-awareness as he grapples with his perceived outdated nature and the rejection he faces from potential partners. His deep affection for his speechless father adds emotional depth to the narrative.

The plot takes an unexpected turn with the introduction of Maya, portrayed by Vincy Aloshious, a helper from a humble background. Mohanan gradually realizes that Maya's presence positively impacts his father's condition. As Maya struggles to gather funds for her impending marriage to a man working abroad, Mohanan's kind and compassionate nature leave a lasting impression on her. The film delicately navigates Mohanan's evolving feelings, revealing his internal conflict as he develops a crush on Maya but hesitates to express it due to her impending marriage.

Penned by Kiranlal M, "Pazhanjan Pranayam" underscores the idea that true beauty lies in a virtuous and innocent mind. The film's strength lies in its simplicity and the sincerity with which it unfolds its narrative, eschewing unnecessary cinematic embellishments. Director Bineesh successfully maintains the mood throughout the film, staying true to the subdued treatment befitting the theme.

Rony David Raj's portrayal of the protagonist, grappling with an inferiority complex and a unique eye-blinking defect, is outstanding. His performance resonates with intensity, capturing the essence of the character. The narrative wisely centers around the relationship between Mohanan and Maya, unfolding naturally and creating a breezy atmosphere of unspoken romance in the latter half. Vincy Aloshious, in her role as Maya, complements Raj's performance with equal competence, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

Satish Raghunathan's musical score significantly enhances the emotional depth of the storyline. While the film boasts a fresh premise and commendable lead performances, it becomes predictably linear as the relationship between the main characters saturates. Despite occasional moments where the film rises to the occasion, there's a lingering desire for more depth in certain aspects of the narrative.

K. R. Rejeesh