Turbo Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
Despite Mammootty's charisma and well-choreographed action sequences, "Turbo" struggles with a cliched plot and lack of fresh ideas. Director Vyshakh's attempt to elevate a conventional story-line falls short, resulting in a formulaic and ultimately forgettable action movie.
May 23, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

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Mammootty plays 'Turbo' Jose in this action package consisting of elements that set an apt platform for a typical hero to snuff out the foes. Establishing the protagonist's life in Idukki, the follow-up action of the tale takes place in Chennai. A big stage awaits the hero in a metro city to pulverise the business empire of the villain. Director Vyshakh opts for a road taken by many while toying with such a trite screenplay penned by Midhun Manuel Thomas. The plot neatly fulfils the expected formalities in such a storyline insulated with some finely-choreographed action sequences. Even as Jose is an ordinary man living with his mother Rosakutty, essayed by Bindu Panicker, in a high-range, Vyshakh faces the burden of elevating the charisma of Jose to the level of a mass action hero.

Vyshakh follows all the perfunctory embellishments for this lacklustre tale but in vain. His efforts solely give a skin-deep impact as the scenarist fails to instil any fresh ideas or elements into the script. The film begins with gruesome murders and the scene is shifted to a high-range to the life of the protagonist. Jose falls in trouble due to his knee-jerk reaction to an incident related to his friend Jerry Mathew (Shabareesh Varma) and soon, he realises that he has to take care of Jerry's lover Indulekha (Anjana Jayaprakash) at any cost. Meanwhile, the director unfolds the decisive layer of the film in the form of a banking scam that affects the life of Jerry and Indulekha, both are bank employees.

The nefarious activities of Vetrivel Shanmugham, played by Raj B Shetty, bring about some gory scenes in 'Turbo' and by this time the predictability of the plot starts to creep in. Jose joins as driver in the company of Andrew (Dileesh Pothan) and then the movie exposes its true action package smartly visualised by Vishnu Sarma. The proceedings also introduce Sithara (Niranjana Anoop), who is Jerry's colleague, as a vital character and Telugu actor Sunil as a character for comic relief. In fact, the ensemble cast is a real burden for the film that shows its vacuous trait owing to the lack of a fresh tale.

Mammootty satiates those who look for his onscreen flexibility in action sequences but performance-wise, the actor has hardly anything to offer significantly. But, Bindu Panicker gives a distinct mien in her portrayal of the old lady having interest in modern technology. Overall, it's a notable outing for the actress in an action film that is entirely designed for the taste of action-lovers. It can be seen as a tailor-made role for Anjana Jayaprakash as a metro-dwelling bank manager and she has handled it effortlessly.

Amidst the array of villains, Raj B Shetty permeates scary moments initially but the essence of such a ruthless character misses from his performance as the action progresses. With such a cliched tale, the plot never demands a heavy watch and shies away from altering your sensibilities. The overlong climax fight is an added burden as you realise the accuracy of your musings regarding the storyline. It is a formulaic action flick woven in a trite template. The movie travels through predictable terrain without disrupting the usual structure of mass-hero films.

K. R. Rejeesh