The Face of the Faceless Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | UA | Drama
Inspired by the real life story of Sr. Rani Maria, the film depicts the tale of a feisty nun who sacrificed her life for the empowerment of the downtrodden folk especially for women in North India. Though a tad melodramatic in its narration, this tale of a selfless nun is poignant and impressive.
Nov 29, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

Presenting a film that champions a virtuous cause, "The Face of The Faceless" directed by Shaison P Ouseph beautifully achieves its goal with a touch of emotion. This pan-Indian movie unfolds a universal theme of tolerance and determination embodied by a nun dedicated to altruistic service among the underprivileged in a remote rustic area in North India. Inspired by the real-life story of Sr. Rani Maria from Kerala, the film narrates the tale of a resilient nun who sacrificed her life for the empowerment of the downtrodden, especially women, in the 90s.

The screenplay, skillfully penned by Jaypal Ananthan, sheds light on the vicious fangs of exploitation that plague the poor in this remote region. The film, with its ubiquitous conflict, occasionally becomes poignant, providing room for emotive moments. While the repeated sequences of oppression may induce a sense of weariness, the tragic turn of events towards the climax reinforces the relevance of the plot and leaves a lasting emotional impact. Vincy Aloshious delivers a sublime performance in the titular role, displaying dedication and maturity that captivates the audience throughout.

Sr. Rani Maria, portrayed effortlessly by Vincy Aloshious, embarks on her spiritual duties at a convent in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. As she confronts the harsh realities of casteism and oppression imposed by landlords in the parched rustic terrain, Maria forms a close bond with Kerly (Sonali Sharmisstha) from the tribal village. Witnessing the deep-rooted social evils affecting the underprivileged, Maria decides to stand against the injustice perpetrated by the landlord Amar Singh (Jeet Matharru). Her quest for justice faces numerous obstacles, even from within her religious circle, as she strives to save the poor from the clutches of exploiters, including influential figures and unsympathetic bureaucrats.

Maria demonstrates extreme courage in mobilizing poor women and children to fight for their right to a decent life. However, the inhuman activities of Amar Singh and those in power deprive tribal people of their basic rights, pushing them into a world of crisis and chaos. Despite facing criticism and threats, Maria, along with Sr. Sheeja (Divya Krishnan), persists in her service among the villagers. Yet, her efforts to empower women lead to dire consequences.

"The Face of The Faceless" effectively exposes the social conditions of a backward community in North India, reflecting the plight of tribal people. The film skillfully delineates the lack of basic infrastructure in rural areas, including a shortage of drinking water, while exposing the dire social status of the marginalized section. However, the portrayal of inhuman activities by the elite class and the suffering of the poor may inject a melodramatic feel into the narration. Mahesh Aney's cinematography and Alphons Joseph's music commendably elevate the overall atmosphere of the film. In summary, this movie distinguishes itself with its serious approach to issues such as upper-caste feudalism, the debt trap induced by landlords, farmer suicides, and bureaucratic obstacles from government bodies.

K. R. Rejeesh



Very heart touching movie.