Rasathanthram Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Family Drama
Mar 14, 2006 By Paresh C. Palicha

Director Satyan Anthikad and superstar Mohanlal team up after a long gap of 12 years in Rasathantram. It also marks the coming together of Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine.

Being the Vishu release of the superstar who is teaming up with a director with whom he has had an enviable record, expectations from the Mohanlal starrer were sky-high.

The film does not belie expectations. The director has done a fine job by casting Mohanlal in a common man's character. The star plays a carpenter with characteristic skill.

The adage 'old wine in a new bottle' may be apt to describe the film with a plot that is not daringly unconventional but one which is packaged refreshingly.

Prem Chandran Asari is a vintage Mohanlal character etched in our memory. He is a kind-hearted do-gooder whose destiny is shaped by circumstances beyond his control. But he still has the capability of spreading laughter and happiness.

The storyline is simple - Prem Chandran saves a slave girl of Tamil descent, Kanmani (Meera Jasmine). Circumstances force her to dress up as a man leading to hilarious situations and commotions, though predictable, till the end of the first half.

The second half takes off on a different tangent, which is rather emotional and sentimental, with the past coalescing into the present before culminating in an expected climax.

Mohanlal and Meera are paired together for the first time and the equation between them is worth your ticket's money.

Individually they are very good, but it's a treat to watch them together as their onscreen chemistry is terrific.

Mohanlal may be repeating his act for the umpteenth time but it's a pleasure watching him.

Meera, who is usually given typical damsel in distress roles in Malayalam films except for a rare "Swapnakoodu" or an "Achuvinte Amma", has a very different part in this film. Here, she starts off as a damsel in distress but takes on lighter shades as the film progresses.

Though her metamorphosis leaves us dissatisfied in hindsight, she is a delight to watch. The cross-dressing act is the highlight of the film.

Also worth mentioning is the chemistry between Mohanlal and Innocent and Mohanlal and Bharath Gopi - the former for its comical interludes and the latter for the sentimental dexterity.

The second half of the film is a bit slow and emotional and seems out of sync with the first.

Overall, Rasathantram is a nice Vishu gift for Mohanlal fans who feel nostalgic about his good old days.

Paresh C. Palicha