Honeymoon Express Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Mar 20, 2006 By R.G.Vijayasarathy

You name any well known comedy artist in the Kannada film industry, and they are part of this 'so called' out and out comedy film directed by Nagendra Magadi. Nagendra Magadi had earlier directed comedy films like "Olu Saar Bari Olu". The movie also has the spicy combination of Jaggesh and S.Narayan, two brilliant comedy artists who have a good timing.

Since both these talented artists (S.Narayan is a multifaceted personality having directed many successful films in Kannada besides being a good writer) were working together in a film for the first time, much was expected from "Honeymoon Express". No wonder that the film did take a good opening on day one. Alas, all the huge expectations are derailed as soon as you see this film for the full eighty minutes till the interval.

The second half tests your patience and is an assault on your intelligence. The big budget expenditure on this film looks completely wasted as the film falls flat in the second half.

It is clear that director Nagendra Magadi has not done his homework properly before starting the shoot. He has just borrowed a few comedy sequences here and there and has knit a story which lacks credibility and substance.

Many sequences of this film will remind you of Tamil film "Charlie Chaplin" which was remade in Telugu (Pellam Oorilithe) and Hindi (No Entry). Another Marathi film had the same elements that are contained in the story of "Honeymoon Express''.

The director seems to have solely depended on the timing of veteran comedy artists and the talented duo of Jaggesh and Narayan. While the artists have not letdown the film, it is the script of the director which has played a spoil sport.

There are umpteen numbers of films that are produced based on the comedy of errors concept. The comical situations in this film have also been seen umpteen numbers of times. Nagendra Magadi could have strengthened the film by adding some spice with some good dialogues. But unfortunately the dialogues of the film looks like some ordinary stuff. The film depends mainly on situational comedy and many situations are repeated. This lessens the impact of the whole film.

Jagga and Nagi are two sons of Srinath. Nagi is a dance director and his twin brother Jagga has a Kalam fixation. Srinath has some rivalry with his brother in law Raghu who has two daughters. Nagi is in love with the first daughter. Srinath wants to revive his relationship with Raghu's family through the marriage. But Raghu insults Srinath and rejects this marriage offer. Angered at the rejection, Srinath tells his sons to get married to daughters of Raghu by hook or crook. Then starts the twists and turns in the film. Finally all difference of opinions is sorted out and the two warring families get united.

Two songs of the film are shot in Bangkok. Two tunes of the film are really good. Music Director R.P.Patnayak has gone for variety in this film. Anaji Nagaraj shines in his photographical work.

Jaggesh and Narayan are handicapped by a poor script, but still they are able to evoke laughter with their slap stick comedy. Heroines Deepu and Santhoshi are inexperienced and they lack the most important timing in the comedy sequences. Sihi Kahi Chandru, Karibasayya and Umashri impress with their performances. Tennis Krishna and Rangayana Raghu are O.K.

"Honeymoon Express" ends up as a disappointing product mainly because of a poor script, despite the presence of some top talented artists in the Kannada film industry. Nagendra Magadi has to take the blame for letting down a good producer who has not spared any effort to make a film with rich production values.