Ullozhukku Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
'Ullozhukku', directed by Christo Tomy, presents a powerful narrative of two women seeking love and liberation, elevated by stellar performances from Urvashi and Parvathy Thiruvothu amidst a poignant, flood-stricken backdrop.
Jun 22, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

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It is a matter of mind-game when two protagonists find themselves in a quandary. Each one's decision would alter the life of the other as the two women are in search of sincere love. Urvashi plays Leelamma, the mother-in-law of Anju, played by Parvathy Thiruvothu in 'Ullozhukku,' a familiar but grippingly narrated tale that has been beautifully transposed from paper to screen by Christo Tomy. Here, the drama is inevitable and is explicit in Tomy's script and narration. Still, what makes the hammy milieu of the film endearing is the stupendous performances of lead characters resulting from the sentimental quagmire they are in. The tale also showcases the urge in Anju for getting rid of the shackles of a forced relationship while Leelamma is battling hard to recoup her life.


Tomy dabbles with a screenplay that is hardly bereft of dramatic elements yet the intensity he keeps throughout the film makes the tale riveting. The submerged house under the overcast condition apparently exudes the hidden truths inside the characters. The director has diligently employed tight close-up shots to fathom the depth of grief and dilemma of protagonists, especially the pain of Leelamma. Set in Kuttanad, it seems two parallel streams with pent-up emotions are flowing inside these women. An extremely fabulous Urvashi elevates this familiar but haunting plot that explores the emotional dilemma of two females.

The family is mourning the death of Anju's husband Thomaskutty (Prashant Murali) whose burial is delayed owing to the flood. Anju's father George (Alencier) and mother, played by Jaya Kurup, are also with her but Anju expresses her displeasure of staying at her husband's home anymore. Even before the burial, Anju reveals that she wants to go with her ex-lover Rajeev, played by Arjun Radhakrishnan. The daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law are on good terms but their minds are brimming with certain secrets. Leelamma is pretty fond of Anju; yet the latter insists on leaving her deceased husband's house to reunite with Rajeev, who is a bartender and he struggles hard to make both ends meet. The movie brings forth the soulful portrayal of the desperation and ill-fate of two individuals. With all her experience over the years, Urvashi reaffirms her versatility as a performer that vividly brings out the unique identity of the actress.

In fact, Urvashi leads the emotional family drama from the front sans letting it go out of hand to attain hues of an exaggerated drama. Brevity and amazing control are the real essence of her portrayal of Leelamma. Parvathy's honest and sincere approach fabulously strikes a chord with the role. The organic transformation in her emotions is vital for ramping up the plot and she has fulfilled it at ease. The actress puts up an effortless and mature performance throughout. The astounding chemistry between the two actresses evolves as a sparkling factor for this flick. In short, 'Ullozhukku' is bookended by the lead actors with their stupendous outing.


In his limited space, Prashant Murali manages to generate ample pathos in viewers while Arjun Radhakrishnan has neatly handled the volatile demeanour of Rajeev. The visuals of Shehnad Jalal create an apt dingy terrain that strikingly blends with the destiny of characters. The cuts by Kiran Das ensure the seamless flow in the narration that is buttressed by neat BGM by Sushin Shyam. Overall, 'Ullozhukku' is an intense drama with abundant sentimental fripperies and the director's firm grip in the narration rescues it from becoming a mere schmaltzy affair. Despite witnessing an uneventful tale, top-notch performances of two artistes ensure a compelling viewing experience.

K. R. Rejeesh