Big Ben Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
The movie "Big Ben" explores the struggles of a Malayali family in the UK facing the repercussions of child protection laws, highlighting the emotional turmoil of motherhood and legal battles, but falters in delivering a convincing and impactful narrative.
Jun 30, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh


In 'Big Ben', novelty lies in its theme and it has a European country as the story premise. It discusses the child protection law prevailing in the UK and its repercussions on a Malayali family residing there. Even as writer-director Bino Augustine introduces it as a fresh theme, the subject deserves an intense and passionate treatment for sure. Apart from the perfunctory songs for the lead pairs and Malayali cohorts during Onam on a foreign soil, the movie struggles to focus on the depth of the issue. The hero's rescue act in the climax gives the least impact considering the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in the building and surrounding areas.


The initial set up is somewhat riveting about 'Big Ben' as the character Jean Antony is taking care of his infant in the absence of his wife, a nursing professional in England. His wife Lovely yearns for uniting with her hubby and child, who are in Kerala. Anu Mohan plays Jean Antony, a Sub Inspector in Kerala, who is under suspension, goes to the UK with his infant daughter to live with Lovely (Aditi Ravi).

At her working place, Lovely faces an issue from her colleague Wilson, played by Vinay Forrt. After knowing about this, Jean becomes involved in an altercation with Wilson. Meanwhile, Jean's outburst in the presence of officials apparently leads to a police case. As per the law in the UK, the child welfare officials take away their daughter citing the inability of parents to look after her. A devastated Lovely falls in deep agony due to missing her child and the incarceration of Jean.

Lovely's close friends Kunjettan (Biju Sopanam) and his wife Susan, played by Nisha Sarang, console her and they approach lawyer Johnny Francis (Vijay Babu). Aditi Ravi appears in a meaty role of her career so far and she accomplishes it with ease. Lovely's emotional pain and mental conflict are neatly enacted by the actress, who has quite often upstaged her co-actors in 'Big Ben.' Anu Mohan gives the feel that the role was a bit strenuous for him to cope with as his acting here is far less impressive as a whole. Chandunath as police officer Mathews and Mia George as the superior officer Arunima have nothing significant to make a mark in the movie with their presence.

The second half of the film is gripping as the conflict gets more complicated as far as the characters are concerned. 'Big Ben' explores if the couple is able to overcome the stringent legal procedures in the UK regarding child welfare. The anguish and dilemma of motherhood is the undertone of the plot which has a tad resemblance to the theme of Hindi film 'Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway'. Here, the director seldom succeeds in intensely conveying the mental conflict of Lovely, besides the risky effort by Jean to get the custody of his child is hardly convincing. This sentimental drama about a couple's confrontation with parenting law on a foreign soil flounders due to its lack of strong appeal in presentation.

K. R. Rejeesh