Em Magan Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Family
Sep 8, 2006 By Rajaraman.R

Sathyajothi Thiagarajan has managed to produce a good entertaining film with a strong message and an emotional narration. The small screen 'Metti Oli' serial fame, Director Thirumurugan has concocted a wonderful brew for the audience to devour. The film has been renamed as Em Magan from Emttan Magan at the last moment to attract tax concession.

Krishnan is the son of a tough and foul mouthed merchant, called as Emttan, by everyone around him. He is made to sweat it out at the General Provision Store of his father in the evenings and mornings and also manage his college education. While youth of his age freak out with bikes, designer wear and girls, he has to attend customers at the shop and transport goods with a bicycle and stained shirts. All he gets in return from his father are painful and insulting curses and thrashings. Even his mother Kalyani, his grand mother and his maternal uncle Ayya Kannu are not spared.

Despite his woes, Krishnan does well at studies. His friend Divya who is also the daughter of his father's Auditor, is supportive and expresses interest to marry him. Krishnan refuses to accept her love, saying he is already in love with his maternal uncle's daughter Janani. But both the families are at loggerheads with each other. The lovers haven't met each other for the past ten years.

A death in Janani's family provides the opportunity for the lovers to meet and strengthen their love. The lovers are caught together in their moment of intimacy and all hell breaks loose. But the strong will of the girl prevails and the pair is driven out of their homes. How Krishnan comes up in life and how his father and Janani's father accept them forms the rest of the narration.

Nazar as Emttan has portrayed a powerful performance as a self made man and a disciplinarian. He is full of grit, self confidence, arrogance, love and emotions. Bharath as Krishnan, the dutiful and obedient son has once again proved that he is capable of good performances. It is a real noteworthy performance from him. Gopika as Janani appears only from the second half, but is full of poise, elegance and strong will. Vadivelu as Ayya Kannu, the maternal uncle, needs special mention for another good performance. He makes us laugh and also dishes out an emotional character. Saranya as Kalyani, the mother, is at her best, essaying the role with ease.

Music by Vidyasagar is at its best. The love duet song, the melodious song without background score and the folk song are definite to be hits. Camera by Sevilo Raja is soothing and the close-ups add to the intensity of emotions. Editing by Jayakumar is crisp and enhances the value of the film. Art by Kathir is very natural and does not irritate the eyes with artificial settings.

The Director has made very good debut into the big screen. The story and proceedings are very natural and produces intense feelings. The families and women folk might turn up in good numbers for the film. Some care could have been spared to the length of the film which seems a little too much.

It is a good family emotional drama which is a must watch for all class of audience, especially in this age of generational differences. Both elders who brag about irresponsible youth and youth who sulk about authoritative elders have to watch this film.