Datta Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2006
May 4, 2006 By R.G.Vijayasarathy

A Darshan starred film with a touch of class - You may not believe it, but “Datta’ directed by veteran actor turned director Gurudatt has many of the ingredients found in a Darshan film with some classy narration. You get the usual quota of entertainment with well choreographed songs and fights, a sprinkler of comedy element and a little bit of sentiment incorporated in the film. But everything is in limits.

It is a packaged film which also appeals in good measure. Many of the successful films featuring Darshan had him taking up swords at the drop of the hat and fight with his enemies spewing vengeful and venomous dialogues. But here Darshan fights with lot of punch and acrobatics uttering comedy dialogues which brings out lot of smiles to the audience. The film has some human drama also, but that is also not taken too far. Gurudatt has been successful in presenting Darshan in a totally different sphere and space.

The film has some weak moments in the first half, but thankfully it bounces back in a short time. Darshan and Komal have jelled very well in the first half as the two crooks who are up to any thing to achieve their objective of robbing the peter to pay the pal. The good on screen chemistry between the two has been good enough to rock the theatres and cheer the audience. It is a laugh riot whenever they go together on a robbing spree. The dialogues are also laced with some healthy humor and punch.

Gurudatt has erred in clearly defining the other characters of the film. Except Darshan’s character, all the other characters in the film including that of the two heroines are not well defined. The characterization is very weak. The film looks like a Telugu film based on a story of Rayalaseema faction drama in the second half. The looks, dresses and presentation of these characters look every inch like that of the villains seen in the faction ridden films. May be this is because the writer of the film Janardhana Maharshi belongs to the Telugu film industry. Maharshi has also added some of the sequences that were seen in films like “Maayaavi’, “Arunachalam’ and some other films. The second heroine’s character could have been totally avoided.

Datta is an uneducated orphan who thrives on stealing and supporting poor people. He is a Robin Hood type of character who has a good accomplice. Datta accidentally sees Ramya during one of his schedules and falls for her. It is Love at first sight. To get Ramya’s approval and appreciation, Datta returns what has been stolen in her house. He pretends to be a well educated person and also acts as a Police Inspector. But his luck runs out and Ramya finds him to be a big crook. She walks out of him.

Later Datta is drafted by a rich person who engages him to act as his son to enable his wife to recover from a long time bedridden sickness. The rich person has a son who has been hiding for more than two decades in a separate place as he has been a target of a different faction.

Datta goes out along with the rich person to his town, but is surprised that he is being constantly followed and attacked by hooligans. Datta feels one of his enemies are following him. Then Datta also meets Ramya in the same place. She is on a revenge mission to kill the son of the rich person. She mistakes Datta to be the son of the rich person who is their family’s target. Ramya is the daughter of another rich man who has scores to settle with Srinath and all of the family members are thirsting for revenge.

Datta makes her to understand that revenge does not pay and tells her that it will be a futile exercise to settle scores and it will be better for both the families to unit and sink their differences. Finally, Datta and Ramya work together to unite the warring families. Eventually Datta gets married to Ramya.

Darshan does not carry sword like in his earlier films, but in this film he pleases his fans with his trade mark fights and comedy