Sakkara Katti Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2008
Dulls and lulls notwithstanding the two-hour film is nicely packaged.
Sep 28, 2008 By PVS

"Sakkarakatti" is a youthful romantic entertainer. The film marks the debut of Kalaa Prabhu, son of producer S. Dhanu, as a director and Shanthanoo, son of actor-director Bhagyaraj, as a hero. Newbie Ishitha Sharma and Vedhika are two glam girls who provide most entertainment competing for the hand of Shanthanoo.

Music director A.R. Rahman is the real star. Though the screenplay is insipid, dialogues are creaky and sequences are clichéd what props up the film is Rahman's catchy tunes and brilliant background score, gorgeous sets and choreography. There are no villains and it is the two girls who are in perpetual rivalry over the hero.

Yuvaraj (Shanthanoo) is a mischievous guy who likes to have adventures. He grows up in the company of a group of friends. Before joining college, he accidentally meets a girl named Deepali (Ishitha) whose car breaks down leaving her stranded on the road. They go to the same college and are in the same classroom. Yuvaraj is attracted by Deepali's looks and falls in love with her. As their love starts taking roots, there comes along Yuvaraj's "morai penn" Reema (Vedhika) (aunt's daughter). She too joins the same college. Reema also falls for Yuvaraj though she comes to know of the love affair between him and Deepali.

One day Deepali gets emotionally upset on seeing Reema presenting a red rose to him. Deepali runs away from Yuvaraj in a huff, but he straightens things up and makes up with her. The next time Reema trips over the door mat and Yuvaraj rushes to her help. Deepali who happens to see this also, is heart-broken. Suspecting Yuvaraj's intentions, Deepali turns her back to him. Their romance comes under strain.

Yuvaraj is pushed to the wall and he decides to end the affair. In a twist, his friends come up with an idea of holding a birthday party with Yuvaraj, Deepali and Reema participating in it. The climax breaks the ice.

Dimple-cheeked Shanthanoo is fairly convincing as a cool college dude who metro audiences would love. He has not much to do beyond hanging out with his friends and cuddling the two heroines. Though the young hero seems bubbly, Prabhu is not able to tap his potential. Bhagyaraj is famed for his scintillating screenplays but it is ironical that his son makes a beginning hamstrung by a screenplay which lacks vim and vigour.

Some laugh lines and the hero's friends keep the story moving in the first half. The second half however hits a few dull patches.

Vedhika steals the show with her excellent performance as a jealous "morai penn' out to defeat the other girl. Her face-off with the hero in the climax deserves a big hand. .Ishitha has nothing much to do except to through her charm around. Her oft-repeated words "cho chsweet" go down well with the audience. She may even be nicknamed "cho chsweet" Ishitha.

The birthday party where the hero and the two girls talk it out provides an unexpected turn to the story.

'Taxi, Taxi…'tuned by maestro A.R. Rahman is a rocking chart-buster of a number which comes at the end. As it sinks in, it may turn out to be a 'youth anthem'. Shanthanoo is featured in this song to good effect.

Soundarya Rajinikanth's Ocher Studio has done computer graphics for the song sequences.

Dulls and lulls notwithstanding the two-hour film is nicely packaged. The soundtrack is its main strength. "Sakkarakatti" is a fluffy mass of spun sugar.