Satham Podathey Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Sep 21, 2007 By Sharada Balasubramanian

Get set to experience a finesse movie with class apart, if you haven't yet seen Satham Podhadhe. It is a mind-blowing, psycho thriller from the fabulous director SM Vasanth.

The movie takes its credit not just for the story, but also takes the cake for its excellent screenplay, splendid direction, best acting performances and listenable music from Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The movie starts with a fast pace and the suspense only begins in the second half of the movie. Banu (Padmapriya) is living in Kanchipuram and there is a prospective groom who comes to see her along with a friend Rathnavel (Nitin Satya). The guy says no to Banu as he thinks she is too pretty. After a discussion with his friend and with his permission Rathnavel asks if he can marry Banu. His friend gives a green signal and he gets married to Banu. Everything looks hunky dory and one fine day Rathnavel is seen at Alcoholic Anonymous session at a church. Rathnavel's past comes into picture here through the person (Nasser) taking the session of alcoholic anonymous. He once sees Rathnavel with his wife and later asks him who that was. Rathnavel fakes up saying that he has told all the truth to his wife and got married. Now here, the audience is here for a sudden twist in the story. Rathnavel was a hardcore alcoholic, an impotent guy and had even been to jail for killing a 6 year old kid.

Banu is completely unaware of all this. She comes to know about her husband's drawbacks but accepts it thinking that it is not his fault. Later, as she comes to know that he cheated her and got married, she is shattered. Just at that time, Rathnavel starts beating her and Banu is badly bruised. She is rescued from there and the after effects of this experience were haunting. She gets a divorce from her husband and moves along with her brother. Her brother takes her out of the bad experience and here comes the hero of the movie Ravi (Prithiviraj). Ravi gives Banu Company and helps her in getting rid of her past problems. He proposes her for marriage and she accepts it. They have a happy life together and move to Cochin where past chases Banu. Rathnavel comes back to her life as he comes to know that Ravi is her husband. He befriends Ravi and keeps following Banu tracking her moves. The whole suspense can really make you think what is going to happen next. Rest of the movie is suspense thriller that takes to completely unpredictable events, thanks to the fantabulous screenplay!

Nitin Satya has given his best to his role after his success in the movie Chennai 600028. He grabbed the attention of the entire movie and portrays a very strong role. Padmapriya has done a fabulous job and applause should go to her as well. Prithiviraj has supported both the characters very well. The beauty of the movie lies in the suspense, the punch dialogues and definitely excellent direction from Vasanth. Vasanth's movie has always been different with a new story plot and here he does a great job yet another time. In entirety, the film is not worth to be missed! Award winning performance by Nitin Satya and Padmapriya! Must watch!

Sharada Balasubramanian