Pokkiri Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Action
Jan 16, 2007 By PVS


It is yet another Vijay-style action flick with all the ingredients that necessarily go into making a commercial pot pouri. Remaking a film itself is a challenge. It is more challenging to remake a blockbuster like "Pokiri" featuring Mahesh Babu whom this film made an icon. Vijay himself chose this film for remaking in Tamil. So he had to shoulder a heavy burden to prove that he is on a par and even a cut above the Telugu hero. Both director Prabhu Deva (his Telugu counterpart is Puri Jagannath) and Vijay did their respective parts with consummate skill. It is, however, too early to say how the Tamil audiences would rate the film though the response that the Telugu version received was incredible.


'Pokiri" is a story peppered with fast-paced action, humour, romance, and stirring dialogues. Vijay has done similar roles umpteen times in the past. But how his macho role in 'Pokiri' stands apart is his virility and aggressive independence, which comes into full play all through the long-widing movie (duration 2 hours 50 minutes). The strength of the story lies in maintaining the suspense of the real identity of the hero till the last moment.

Here goes the story...

Thamizh (Vijay) is a youth with a mission. A mafia gang controlled remotely by international don Ali Bhai (Prakash Raj) operates with impunity. Thamizh is left with no option but to "fight evil with evil". He joins the gang on his own terms in order to eliminate them. His love interest Shruthi (Asin) works as an instructor at an aerobic centre. A lecherous police cop, who is on the pay rolls of the mafia, sets his eyes on father-less Shruthi and subjects her mother to unspeakable torture. This brings Shruthi and Thamizh closer. However, for Shruthi, Thamizh remains enigmatic and his association with the marauding goons puzzles her. Ali Bhai's men are defeated in their every move by Thamizh with indomitable courage and ingenuity. The don himself returns from abroad and launches a witch-hunt for Thamizh who strikes back with all ferocity.

How Ali Bhai comes to know who Thamizh is and the gory sequences that follow form the climax.

Nasser plays Thamizh's father, who runs the aerobic centre after his retirement as a circle inspector who had to pay with the life of his wife for his honesty and straightforwardness. That his son, Satyamoorthy (real name of Thamizh), is an IPS officer who serves as an undercover cop to get at the mafia, is revealed in a way that gives a surprising twist to the story towards the end.

Napolean plays a sincere and dedicated police commissioner named Mohideen Khan. This character symbolizes the duty and dignity of the police force whose image has otherwise been muddied by a few black sheep. Tall and burly Napolean is well suited for the role.

Vadivelu's comedy is subdued. Prakash Raj acts more like a comedian than a pitiless villain in some sequences after his arrest. Why? Photographer Nirav Shah has done a good job. Notably chasing scenes are well captured by him. Stunts by Vijayan are thrilling, reinforcing the macho image of the hero.


Mani Sharma has scored seven songs. One of them is a remix of yesteryear hit 'Vasanthamullai Polae.' Some song sequences were filmed in Australia. The item number "Aadungada Ennai Suthi" is well choreographed and it has the effect of rocking the audience. Another catchy song is "Tamil Tamil". The peppy dance sequences carry the unmistakable touch of Vijay- Prabhu Deva combine.

'Pokiri' is attractively packaged and presented.