Akasha Gange Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2008
The film turns out to be a neatly packed film with some top class creative inputs.
Jun 13, 2008 By RGV

Director Dinesh Baboo started his career as a cinematographer, but showed his class both in the cinematographic work and also in the direction. Akasha Gange which is his latest release has hit the screens after a gap of nearly two years after its completion. Yet the film turns out to be a neatly packed film with some top class creative inputs. Dinesh Babu's deft handling of a sensitive subject as pre marital sex in the traditional surroundings of a hardcore convention bound family runs with a gripping narration supported by a melodious score of Deva. The songs rendered by great singers like S.P.Balasubramanyam and Chitra will ring in your ears for a long time even after you come out of the theatre. And the photographic work is superb in this film characterized by some fantastic visuals and precise composing. Akasha Gange maintains a good pace like in any other previous Dinesh Baboo film and performances of the artists are equally poignant. But for the crudeness in some of the comedy sequences in the film, Akasha Gange is an excellent presentation with some minor negative aspects here and there. There are too many characters which are introduced in the second half of the film to create some confusion among the audience.

The credit for a neat presentation goes to Dinesh Baboo who engages the audience with some interesting twists in every third reel. There are suspense elements in every sequence of the film which opens up a few sequences later. But the curiosity is kept afloat as some more interesting developments take place in the story of the film. Babu's tight screen play and his knack of creating humour in every sequence makes Akasha Gange a better viewing exercise.

Mithun and Beena love each other in the college. Mithun hails from a traditional family settled in Sakleshpur where the diktat of an elderly woman is honoured without opposition by every member of the family. Sensing that his love towards Beena will not be clearly accepted by the members of his family, Mithun seeks advise from his friends. Beena will be advised to go as a music teacher to Mithun's house and win the hearts of the family members in his household. What happens later in the house and how Mithun and Beena who has changed her name as Lakshmi manage to get blessed by the elders forms the rest of the story content.

The narration is crisp. Music by Deva is among his best contributions in Kannada films. Debutant Ravi Suvarna is sure to get accolades for his work behind the camera.

Chaya Singh steals the show in the role of Beena. Mithun is good in parts, but he has to improve over his emotional performance skills. New comer Smitha sizzles, but it is Veterans like Jayanthi, Doddanna and Vanitha Vasu who steal the show. Dharma comes out good in the climax sequences. Komal comes out best in his comedy oriented role.

Akasha Gange is worth watching by the entire family.