Lee Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Action
Feb 20, 2007 By PVS

Lee is a kind of film which is uncommon these days when romantic stories have become the staple. The story is centered on a sport and its challenges and Director Prabhu Solomon has by his deft handling of the story, made it an interesting drama of passion, envy, rivalry and revenge. The team spirit, friendship and fairness eventually win the day. Lee is the first film produced by veteran actor Sathyaraj who has strained his every nerve to impart the glitz and grandeur to the film to make it special. His son, Sibiraj, plays the lead role.

Here goes the story…

Leeladharan (Sibiraj), a youth affectionately called Lee by his friends form a jovial group. They do whatever work that comes their way and spend their leisure time playing football.

Lee and his team train to play for a college and their coach is Putthiran (Prakash Raj). The youngsters look upon him not merely as a coach but as a well-wisher - a godfather. Just when they are peaking and raring to go, the college principal, Rangabashyam (Jahir) plays spoilsport with his machinations to get his son included in the team. The coach pits himself against the principal and insists on going by merit. Angered by the coach's firm and principled stand, the principal dismisses the coach and sends Lee and his team out of the college. However, the team, supported and guided by the coach, plays for another college and wins the tournament. Their triumph turns principal Rangabashyam vicious and he becomes a stumbling block to the progress of Lee and his group. With a frustrated member of the team committing suicide, the dispirited team breaks up. But there is no stopping of Rangabashyam who climbs up the political ladder and becomes a minister.

Chellam (Nila), a worker in a mental asylum, is a light-hearted, sociable girl. She gets the shock of her life when she sees an attempt being made on the life of Rangabashyam by Lee and his friends. How this incident impacts Chellam and what impelled the youngsters to resort to the extreme step and how it all ends come alive in the rest of the movie.

Sibiraj has given his best. As a passionate footballer with attractively masculine, rough-hewn features, his portrayal is realistic. His whole character symbolizes the struggle and hardship one, who is honest and fair-minded, has to go through to achieve the set goal.

Nila's performance in most scenes is commendable and she delivers what the director expected of her.

It was a cakewalk for Prakash Raj. As a coach and a hero of the underprivileged Lee team, he demonstrates that he is best suited for the role. No others could have done better.

Imman's music goes well with the story and Raajeshyadhav's camera work, especially in action scenes, is one of the high points of the movie.

Money and muscle power and political clout have crept into sports too, giving rise to jealousies and rivalries. Producer Sathyaraj and director Prabhu Solomon have made a film with some substance which is relevant to the present day world of sports. It is a laudable effort indeed.