Thangigagi Review

"Thangigaagi", a highly expected film for this Deepavali festival comes out as a poor cousin to its original film "Tiruppaachi" in Tamil. Even action hero Darshan who had given a lively performance in the film can not save the film from the depths it has sunk.

Its Poor quality technical values including a mediocre music added to an insipid performance from the heroine Poonam Baffna are the minus points of this film.

The Kannada industry trade pundits were highly banking on "Thangigaagi" as it was felt a remake film with full of action and entertaining values would be a safe bet at the Box office. But "Thangigaagi" will certainly have a dampening effect because of its poor standards.

Though the film has production values and songs of the film have been shot in abroad, poor directorial standards and inferior quality of dialogues have dented the quality of the film.

Frankly speaking, even "Tiruppachchi" did not have any credible story. It told the story of a dynamic villager coming all over to the city and taking on the entire mafia of the city and single handedly vanquishing all of them one by one. That he does only to save his sister's family which gets roughed up by villains.

Darshan has done his best to save this film with his superb fight sequences, but his dialogues in the film lack the punch. And many of the dialogues have been uttered by him before in many films before.

Director Perarasu's main strength in "Tiruppachchi" were the dialogues, but here in the Kannada film P.N.Sathya has not done enough home work to write dialogues to create such an impact. Even many sequences lack a serious content and look too unreal. He should have realized that comparisons are bound to be made and he should have been extra careful in dealing with the

stronger points of the original film.

Another weak point of "Thangigaagi" is that it fails to enliven even in some comedy sequences which looked so good in Perarasu’s film.

The film drags in the first half and only in a few action sequences in the second half with some interesting edge. Darshan who comes well even in poor scripts is the savior of the film again. But he should have realized that he can not take responsibility of the whole film. And he should have also known that the punch dialogues in Tamil were the main strength and what he says in "Thangigaagi" has been uttered by him many a times.

The heroine of the film Poonam Baffna from Mumbai is wasted and she has too less dialogues and is seen prominently in two songs of the film.

Rangayana Raghu, Dharma who enact as villains have not done anything differently in the film. Bullet Prakash impresses in a few sequences.

P.N.Sathya, the director and writer of the film has not taken care to present these sequences well. The film's technical values do not merit attention. Music director Sadhu Kokila and cameraman Anaji Nagaraj have nothing to boast off in the film.

"Thangigaagi" will end up as a disappointing fare.

'Thangigaagi', a highly expected film for this Deepavali festival comes out as a poor cousin to its original film 'Tiruppaachi' in Tamil. Rating: 2 - RGV