Madhumasam Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Romantic
Feb 14, 2007 By Kishore

The girl believes that the only thing that gets the world going is love. The guy believes that the word "love" is a very vague term that has no practical meaning. That is till they get to know each other. Once they meet and the relationship develops slowly they change their opinions of love. The guy starts believing in love and the girl is disgusted with love. To find out the details and what happens in the end, people will have to watch the Madhumasam. And the details are interesting, so people will be better off watching it.

It's time to heap praises on the director and producer of Madhumasam. This is a clean movie with very little violence. So it's strongly recommended for family viewing. The romance is also clean without any vulgarity. Hats off to the director and producer for making such a fantastic movie that never makes you wince in the presence of your family.

Thanks to Sekhar Kamulla, Sumanth has earned name as a hero who can enact romance scenes in a realistic manner. This is tougher than portraying romance where the heroine is expected to fall for the hero in 15 minutes after the start of the movie and all they do in the name of love is to dance in Thailand or Switzerland. There is plenty of acting involved in Madhumasam that require genuine expressions. He does full justice to his role as a hard hearted practical guy that makes a volte-face on love.

Sneha on the other hand has emerged as a very competent actress. She is the perfect girl for the role of a working girl with full of mushy notions of love. From a very optimistic and positive girl that has dreams about life she turns into a hard hearted girl who clams up with the very mention of the word love. This she has done beautifully.

The comedy track keeps the rhythm of the movie intact. The highlight of comedy is Siva Reddy who imitates all the heroes of yesteryear. And the songs are good too, especially the first song that is shot like the songs of 1950's.