Adaikalam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Family Drama
Jan 8, 2007 By PVS

Director A.R. Buvanarajah deserves full marks for his maiden venture "Adaikalam", a family drama, starring Prashanth. This off-beat movie, which is racing towards a top slot, demonstrates that Buvanarajah has learnt his lessons well from his masters who included Director Balu Mahandra. It is commendable that even as a debutant, he has come into reckoning as a talented director.

"Adaikalam' proves a point that a film can be made interesting and entertaining even without a heroine. This attempt by the director is daring.

Here goes the story…

Anbu (Prashanth) and his sister Thamizh (Uma) are brought up by their uncle Somasundaram (Radha Ravi) after their parents got separated long ago. While they loved their mother (Saranya), they developed hatred towards their father (Thyagarajan) and blamed him for their pitiable state and sufferings. Their mother dies and they happen to meet their father at her funeral when they were all overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. But the siblings are not in a mood to forgive their father and resent his presence. He is, however, repentant and glad to be together with his children. The story takes a turn when Anbu's hard feelings melt away when he comes to know the reason for the estrangement between their parents. The scenes of spontaneous outpouring of emotions that follow are very nicely portrayed.

Prashanth's performance is superb, especially his expression of emotions, which is the lifeline of the story. He gets good support from Uma. Radha Ravi was a picture of dignity in his role of uncle. Thiyagarajan, who appeared last in "Shock" with Prashanth, lives his role. Saranya has become well-known as on-screen mother these days. In fact, the entire cast rose to the levels set by the director.

The tempo slackens at a point in the second part of the film. But the deft handling of the screenplay by uvanarajah, who is a writer too, perks up the proceedings.

Sabesh-Murali's songs are enchanting. One song that takes the cake is "Vilakku Ondru" sung by Hariharan.

A wholesome family movie indeed!