Pandavaru Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Nov 9, 2006 By RGV

"Pandavaru" is a well packaged film with some commercial elements which appeal to baser instincts. It is like a made to order entertainer made with a big star cast, five of them heroes at one time or the other.

Ambareesh who has now been in news for getting the post of Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting makes his return in the role of an elder brother patriarch in the film and gets full marks for it.

Even the other heroes have delivered perfect performance in this louder, cruder film which does not rise above the level of being a very ordinary film. The film which is a remake of "Hulchal" however has some interesting moments in the second half and comedy elements in the first half. "Hulchal” was itself a remake of a Malayalam Hit "God Father" which had also tasted big success.

"Pandavaru" is set in a rural and feudal background deals with a united family of five brothers and their hatred against another feudal family dating back to two decades.

There is lot of blood shed, revengeful dialogues, fights all packed with a little bit of love element between the youngest brother of one family and a young girl in another family. The story is not new as Kannada audiences have seen such films many a times earlier. It is the old wine in an old bottle, as the film is filled with some rude dialogues, crude comedy and loud sentimental sequences. But still it can be likeable to the mass audience who may like such elements. And the combination of actors adds a special appeal to the film.

K.V.Raju has also worked for filling the film with the elements made to entertain the audience and has used the talents of his artists to full advantage. That is essentially what makes "Pandavaru" enjoyable despite its ordinary script and age old narration. K.V.Raju has also been able to get the best from his cinematographer and editor for making the film slick and fast paced.

"Pandavaru" might have chosen an old narrative technique, but yet it will look convincing and entertaining.

The strength of "Pandavaru" comes in the second half, when Actor Jaggesh takes over the film. He is really the best of the lot with his comedy timing. The first half of the film belongs to Ram Kumar and Nagashekhar who plays his crony and the love angle between Ram Kumar and Gurlin Chopra. Some of the sequences in this portion are listless, though some interest is added whenever the revenge element crops in. It is the antics of Jaggesh and Tara who plays the role of his wife which is really enjoyable.

The choice of artists is the best thing that has happened for the film and Raja has been able to get the best out of all the leading artists. Rebel Star Ambareesh as the elder brother patriarch, Devaraj and Abhijith have come out with some good performances, though it is Jaggesh and Nagashekhar who plays the role of crony of the youngest brother Ram Kumar who steal the show.

Ram Kumar looks good in song and fight sequences, though he has very less opportunity in terms of emotional sequences. Multilingual actress Aishwarya is commendable in her role of a revenge thirsty woman. Her mother Lakshmi had played the role in the original Malayalam film and had won the laurels. Aishwarya is equally good in the same role. Tara comes out best in her comic cameo. Gurlin Chopra who had already worked in two Kannada films and had done very little to justify her inclusion has come out better in this film. Avinash and Sathyajith are wasted.

"Pandavaru" is an enjoyable film, but the fact that it is a remake with less of sensitivity and more of crudity may be a negative factor. Actor Ram Kumar who has proved his mettle as a producer is certain to win this battle as a producer.