Thottal Poomalarum Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Romantic

Thottal Poomalarum is a 2007 Indian movie directed by P. Vasu starring Shakthi Vasudevan, Gauri Munjal, Rajkiran and Sukanya. Music for the Movie is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Release Info:
August 3 2007 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: P. Vasu

"Thottal Poomalarum", a P.Vasu film, is a "sublime" love story revolving around a youth who is about to step into life.... Show more

"Thottal Poomalarum", a P.Vasu film, is a "sublime" love story revolving around a youth who is about to step into life. Going by its story, this movie is arguably a sequel to Vasu's debut film "Panneer Pushpangal" which was about teenage love involving two school students, set in a different milieu. Though his every directorial venture has added a new feather to his cap, "Thottal Poomalarum" is special for Vasu as he has launched his son Prashanth (renamed Shakthi for this movie) as the hero. They represent two different generations and "Thottal..." will serve as a bridge between the old and new generations.

Shakthi is not new to cinema. He has done six films as a child artiste. Among them were "Chinna Thambi", "Nadigan", Senthamizh Paattu", "Idhu Namma Bhoomi" and "Rickshaw Mama". He took a break from acting to complete his education. He is an MBA graduate in marketing from Madras University. According to Vasu, he made his son do MBA to understand the business of filmmaking. "Being good won't be enough. He (Shakthi) has to be as good, and often better, than many of his contemporaries. He has a long way to go," he told mediapersons introducing his son at a function recently.

"Thottal Poomalarum" was specially screened for Rajinikanth before he left for Brazil on his way to US towards the end of last month. Rajini hugged the new hero, Shakthi, and wished him success and told him he would become a big hero.

Mumbai actress Gauri Munjal, who plays opposite Shakthi, has this to say about the film: "I have a pleasant experience to narrate. My character got due importance in the storyline. I could get to feel the substance and flavor of the end product". Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical score is already acclaimed as stirring.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Shakthi Vasudevan
Gauri Munjal

Director: P. Vasu
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer: Akash Ashokkumar
Art Designer: Thotta Tharani
Screenplay Writer: P. Vasu
Original Story Writer: P. Vasu
Action Choregrapher: Thalapathi Dinesh