Mayavi Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2007
Feb 8, 2007 By Unni Nair

Director Shafi and actor Mammootty have once again teamed up to give us a thoroughly enjoyable entertainer in Mayavi. If you are looking for two and a half hours of total relaxation, then here is the film for you. Forget yourself and your worries and smile and laugh with 'Mayavi'.

Mahe is a regular jailbird. He is also a master at the art of fighting invisibly. When he cannot afford to appear in front of his enemies, he makes his moves so suddenly, so swiftly and so intelligently that his opponents don't even get a chance to see him. This style of fighting has earned for him the nickname 'Mayavi'. Mahe however, is a do-gooder and is loved by most of the people around him, including the jailer and other policemen.

In jail he has a friend, Balan, who is more like a brother to him. Balan has three months to go to get released, but there is an emergency situation at home. His brother Satheesh is in hospital due to a very serious ailment and requires to be operated upon. That requires a big sum of money. If Balan is out of prison he is confident he can arrange the money. He hopes to get released on Independence Day, when every year a prisoner is set free. Even Mahe desires that. But the lucky one who gets released is Mahe.

Mahe takes it upon himself to do what is possible to save Satheesh. He reaches the hospital and promises to return with the money. And then, with his friend Giri, he plans some drastic moves. He takes up a very strange kind of assignment - that of owning up the responsibility of a murder to be committed by someone else. And that someone is Thottappilly Surendran, who is all set to murder Aranimuttam Sivasankaran, who has gone to jail after murdering his (Surendran's) father.

On board a boat on the way to Surendran's place, Mahe happens to see a young girl, Indu, who is a manager-cum-accountant and a dependent of the Aranimuttam family. What happens subsequently compels Mahe to don the mantle of Mayavi again. What follows are moments of undiluted fun and quite a few thrills too.

Mammootty has done an excellent job as Mahe alias Mayavi. Coming as it does after three serious films from the star, (Karuththapakshikal, Palunku and Kayyoppu), Mayavi is a welcome change for fans of the talented actor. He has proved once again that he can handle all kinds of roles with ease. The way he delivers his dialogues and the timing he shows as far as comedy is concerned helps him to morph into the character of Mayavi.

Gopika as Indu forms an excellent pair to Mammookka and does her part too perfectly well. Manoj K. Jayan as Balan is OK. Venjaramoodu Suraaj as Giri and Salim Kumar as Kannan Shrank play an important role in taking the film forward and provide good comedy. Vijayaraghavan as Thottappilly Surendran and Saikumar as Aranimuttam Sivasankaran are their usual selves. Manikuttan as Satheesh doesn't have much to do. Others in the cast are passable.

Of the songs penned by Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma and set to tune by Alex Paul, "Muttaththe mulle chollu…" could soon turn out to be hit. We seem to miss the Suresh Peters type of songs that have been the trademark of Rafi-Mecartin and Shafi brand of films. But still the songs and the music are good and suit the theme. The technical aspects are all in tune with the subject and the treatment. Scenarists Rafi and Mecartin and director Shafi deserve special appreciation for having come up with such a good entertainer.

Unni Nair