Indrajith Synopsis

Indrajith tells the story of a son who is brought up by his father to be a bigger rowdy than himself. 'Chembarunthu Bhaskaran,' the father wanted his son Bhasi to be a goonda, to protect his family against his enemies who were targeting them. Bhasi accedes to his father's wishes and is eventually called Changootam Bhasi. Although a rowdy, Bhasi is humane, and readily spends a good amount of the 'Kuppam' that he collects, on public welfare. His gang grows in strength with the addition of Rajeendran, Hakim, Jamal and Vinayan. Attracted by his bravery and guts, many women, including Vanaja and Sunantha, start vying for his attention. This makes matters worse on his marriage front. It is under these circumstances that Lakshmi the daughter of the Panchayat President befriends Bhasi. The story takes a turn when Bhasi finds out that not everyone who enrolled in his gang had the best of intentions and shocking truths are revealed. With the entry of Zaheer Mustafa into the scheme of things, the story heads for tough times. Indrajith, directed by Haridas, and produced by Kalliyoor Shashi, has Kalabhavan Mani playing Changootam Bhasi and Rajan P. Dev, playing his father Chembarunthu Bhaskaran. Divya Viswanath who had acted in the film Chandranilekkoru Vazhi, which never saw the light of day, makes her debut on the silver screen with this film, which will be released under the K.S. Talkies Banner.