Arasu Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Family Drama
Jan 26, 2007 By RGV

Puneet Raj Kumar's much awaited film "Arrasu' is a neatly packaged family film which comes off differently than the actor's previous films. The film has nothing fresh to offer in the form of story, but still it looks quite appealing because of a neat presentation and some fantastic performances by the lead artists. Particularly Meera Jasmine outshines in her role and is the mainstay for the film. And then director Mahesh Babu has handled the subject with lot of sensitivity in the second half.

Mahesh Babu shows his strength in the second half of the film where he picks up the tempo of the story. Director deserves kudos for getting the best of the artists in some touching sequences and the directorial touch in the climax sequence. If he had erred in the climax sequence, the whole film would have crumbled. The first half of the film has its usual quota of fights and establishment sequences which are well narrated. Even in the first half the plantain sequence is really touching. The film gathers momentum after halfway through the second half. And it is in these sequences that all the three artists Puneet Raj Kumar, Meera Jasmine and Ramya score good points.

Arrasu is the story of Shivaraj Urs, a rich NRI who stays in abroad spending the hard earned money of his estates. Arrasu is a happy go lucky youngster who spends his time in casinos more than any where else. Barring his rich spending ways, he has not experienced any other things of life. Such a person comes to India out of compulsion and instantly falls for Shruthi, daughter of his office manager. But a practical Shruthi says that he has to understand life and directs him to go and earn five thousand rupees out of his own hard work. Arrasu is directed to Aisha, a friend of Shruthi. Arrasu spends a month in the house of Aishu where he comes to know the other side of life. He works hard to earn the money. Aishu humiliates Arrasu in the beginning, but later she starts loving him. She also reveals her love to Shruthi. Then Shruthi who is also in love with Arrasu wants to sacrifice and accommodate the aspirations of her friend Aishu. In a fitting climax every thing is sorted out.

Puneet Raj Kumar brings out the best in him. In fact this is one film where he has tried to give his emotional best in a complex role which has different shades in the first and second half. Meera Jasmine has been able to translate her latent talent into a powerful performance. She looks good in the song sequences and is equally brilliant in touching as well as humorous sequences. Ramya competes well with Meera Jasmine and has been able to match Meera Jasmine's liveliness in a couple of sequences in the second half. Darshan, Audithya and Shreya have done bit roles in the film which are appropriate for the story.

The film is high in technical department with Ramesh Babu scoring in his camera work. Joshua Sridhar is good in background score, but the music composition of songs is not to the expected levels.

Arrasu is an enjoyable entertainer which has extremely good performances from lead artists.