Chandrahas Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Drama, Action
Jun 30, 2007 By Kishore

Three reasons why one should see Chandrahas:

- It's Superstar Krishna's 350th movie.

- The story is based on Shivaji's sword

- The movie has been released in good theatres, though the hero is a little unheard of.

But then there are more reasons why the movie is a sure loser and hence not recommended for seeing. Superstar Krishna is there in the movie for only one song. The story is based on Shivaji's sword alright; the treatment is so shabby that it will not appeal to anyone.

The educated ones would be appalled at the idea of a Harvard educated female lead character working for the male lead character whose profession is not clear in the movie. Except that he is seated in a one room office with Venumadhav as an office boy it is not clear what exactly the hero does and why a Harvard educated girl should work for him. Come on, Harvard educated grads do not work for people with one room offices and the boss riding a bike to work.

The uneducated ones find it hard to accept that a child could grow up to fulfill his mother's wish of retrieving Shivaji's sword - Chandrahas, that too as his life ambition. Some people have strange ambitions, or should we say some directors have strange ideas.

Also the director should know that a sword of such historic importance is worth millions and it's a national property. The hero cannot take it home to gift his mother as if it his ancestral property. It's a punishable offense. The sword should be turned immediately to the Archeological Survey of India.

But the hero not only does bring the sword home he also returns it to the goddess that had gifted the sword to Shivaji. Shivaji's sword becomes the family business of the hero.

The story as already mentioned is about Chandrahas. Inspired by his mother the hero (Harnath) grows up dreaming about retrieving Chandrahas. His father (SarathBabu) has a close Muslim friend (Hariprasad). Hariprasad's son (Abbas) is also the close friend of Harnath. The two families have a good bond of friendship despite belonging to different religions.

Puneet Issar is a terrorist running a dreaded Islamic terrorist out fit. He plans to destroy Indian cities and sends his man to get the support of Sarathbabu's Muslim friend. And then he also tries to acquire Chandrahas. What happens next is for the viewers to find out in case they want to watch the movie.

It makes one wonder why an actor of Sarath Bau's caliber choose such a project to work in. Astha Singhal looks great in the movie and she is the only interesting factor in an entire drama of boredom.