Hat Trick Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Comedy
Mar 15, 2007 By Ashok Nayak

Story - Set against the backdrop of the Cricket World cup, Hat trick is an abridgement between the quest of Indian Cricket and the lives of 5 individuals (3 individual's and 1 couple) woven together. In Cricket, a hat-trick is scored when a bowler succeeds in getting 3 wickets in three consecutive balls, but in this movie Hat Trick is about three successes; face, struggle and identify the winner in each one of us in life's challenges.

Madhav Anna (Danny Denzongpa), a former Indian cricketer, is a cricket fanatic. He eats, sleeps and breathes cricket. Due to illness, he is admitted in Dr. Satyajeet Chavan's (Nana Patekar) hospital. Satya on the other hand simply hates cricket. So much so that he's willing to throw patients out of the hospital if they talk of cricket.

Hemu Patel (Paresh Rawal) is a Gujarati living with his family in London. Being a hardcore cricket lover, Hemu is even willing to sustain his Indian patriotism to obtain a UK Citizenship.

Last but not the least; we have Saby (Kunal Kapoor) and Kashmira (Rimi Sen). Saby loves cricket even more than he loves his wife. Kashmira is least interested in the game. But then things take a turn. Thanks to her friend, Kashmira falls in love with Mahendra Singh Dhoni... She gets so obsessed with Dhoni that it becomes a matter of jealousy for Saby.

Direction - Milan Lutharia understands the grammar of film-making very well. He has tackled the emotional scenes brilliantly. Technically too the film stands out. Music by Pritam is good. Background score enhances the experience. Cinematography is average.

Acting - Nana Patekar - The usually superb Nana, delivers a splendid performance - Outstanding throughout. Watch out for his scenes with Danny Denzongpa and the child artist (Nana's son in the movie).

Danny Denzongpa - As the former Indian cricket player is terrific.

Paresh Rawal - Ahh... Paresh Rawal just cannot go wrong. Not exactly in an out-and-out comic role this time, Paresh excels.

Kunal Kapoor is good. Rimii Sen is sensual with her sexy ardent looks, but overplays in few scenes.

Overall -

Positives - Nana Patekar is in full form, an emotionally strong second half, good music and the length of the movie is just about 2 hours.

Negatives - At least 10 minutes from the first half can be chopped off for better impact.

Box office Prediction - The world cup fever that has caught the nation is an added advantage to the movie. But the outcome will depend on the word of mouth, due to the absence of a star. Above Average is my prediction for Hat Trick.

Rating - 3.0 / 5 (Watch it for Nana Patekar)

Ashok Nayak