Friendship Synopsis

Friendship is the dubbed version of the Tamil movie "Snehithaye" starring Tabu, Jyothika and Sharbani Mukherjee.

Radhika (Sharbani Mukherjee) and Basu (Jyothika) are the best of friends who study in the same college and stay in the same hostel. Their main rival is Geeta (Ishita Arun), who is always at loggerheads with them. When Radhika is pressured by her father to agree to an arranged match, Basu floats the idea that Radhika has boyfriend, Ramesh, who works on a ship. Basu convinces Radhika's father that Ramesh would get married to her on his return from the ship. That buys Radhika and her father start getting calls from Ramesh. Frustrated and scared, Radhika and Basu invite the man claiming to be Ramesh to come and meet them. They are waiting for him when a shot is fired and a man - supposedly Ramesh - falls down dead.

The two friends can't figure it, especially when the cop, Savitri Devi (Tabu) comes to investigate the crime. How the plot behind the murder unfolds and the two friends find a way out of their troubles forms the rest of the drama.