Kya Love Story Hai Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Romantic
Apr 20, 2007 By Ashok Nayak


Erich Segal's Love Story, the best selling novel of the 1970's, is a tear-jerking tragedy. KYA LOVE STORY HAI, the title has so much to say but actually fails to do justice. The theme of the story actually just takes us way back to 1964, but nothing to offer as the triangle love story then did. "Yeh Mera Prem Patra Padh Kar, Ke Tum Naaraaz Na Hona" but Lovely Singh sahib, you just arouse anger in us by directing such old fashioned movie.

KYA LOVE STORY HAI, directed by Lovely Singh, is a mixture of too many genres. Friendship, Love, Dreams, Passion, a few comic scenes, and an unbalanced blend of all this is what the story is all about. It's just another triangle love story, which doesn't go hand in hand with the life of the contemporary world. It's a spoilt soup.


Arjun [Tusshar Kapoor], a modish, unruly and happy-go-lucky youth, walking about in the busy streets of South Africa thinking over his friends words that "he'll never understand the pain of loosing love unless he experience love", suddenly catches sight of Kaajal [Ayesha Takia], and there happens love-at-first sight.

Kaajal, a vivacious and dogged girl, considers Arjun as a Friend. Once she comes across a love letter written by Arjun to an undisclosed girl and when asked by Arjun how she would reciprocate to this letter, gives a ruffling reply. This reply with its mysterious spell makes Arjun disappear from the scene.

Meanwhile Kaajal meets the guy of her dream, Ranveer [Karan Hukku]; both get acquainted to each other after some heated verbal wrestle. Ranveer, mama's boy, concludes that she would make for an appropriate life-partner because she was a stimulus and kept his life happening.

When Arjun returns to South Africa, during an astonishingly fluky encounter, he finds Kaajal engaged to the entrepreneur. He wanted to surprise Kaajal, but found himself in a rather bewildering situation. Who will be Kaajal's MR? Whose princess will she be?

Direction: Lovely Singh's direction is run of the mill kind, just average. He has the ability and mind, this old fashioned route is not the right choice. The theme has been stressed too hard which was just pointless and makes the story line appear even worse. Lovely, the movie is not as lovely as your name.

Acting: Tusshar gives just another disappointing performance. The role demands more of expression and sensitivity, which is not present anywhere through out the movie.


Ayesha Takia, it's just a smooth walk on a cake. She carries her role with ease and perfection.

Karan Hukku, new on big screen, has made a good start. His physical appearance suits the character best and he has delivered a fairly good performance. He needs to work on his expression to leave a better impact.


Positives: Opening track by Kareena and Ayesha's smile and bubbling acting.

Negatives: Story line dragged too much and made hard to digest. Tusshar's two friends, trying to add comic elements to the movie, are irritating.

Kya Love Story Hai, demands for patience and a strong mind to hold on to seats till end. It's just a sheer waste of time and money.

Rating: 1.5/5

Ashok Nayak