My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2008

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves is a 2008 Indian movie directed by E NIWAS starring Nikhil Dwivedi, Amrita Rao, D Santosh and LILETTE DUBEY. The feature film is produced by Bhushan Kumar and the music composed by Pritam Chakraborty and Himesh Reshammiya.

Release Info:
January 11 2008 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: E NIWAS
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Nikhil Dwivedi
D Santosh
Daya Shanker Pandey

For an ordinary guy, Anthony Gonsalves has an extra-ordinary dream. His dream is to become an actor. Anthony works as a ... Show more

For an ordinary guy, Anthony Gonsalves has an extra-ordinary dream. His dream is to become an actor. Anthony works as a bartender in Jimmy's Pub in Bandra, Mumbai. His job is to run the joint smoothly, while the bosses concentrate on their own work of specialization.

Sikander, Maqsood, and Riyaaz own the pub, and their work of specialization is Bhaigiri. The pub is a legitimate front for their illegal activities.

Sikander Bhai is Anthony's benevolent benefactor and protector. Anthony was an orphan, both his mother and father died when he was young.

Sikander sees a young Anthony at a roadside tea stall, smoking a Beedi, and impersonating Amitabh Bachchan in front of his street urchin friends. Something about Anthony touches Sikander's heart. He catches hold of Anthony's hand, makes him throw the Beedi, takes him to the Orphanage and hands him over to Fr. Briganza.

For Anthony, Sikander Bhai is like God, and for Sikander, Anthony is the little brother he never had. Sikander has made sure Anthony doesn't get anywhere near the periphery of the gang, or any of its activities, except for what is legit, which is the pub.

After the initial hiccups and the odd humiliation, Anthony finds a friend in an old timer cameraman Moorthy, who frequents the pub regularly. Moorthy helps Anthony with his photo shoot, gives him leads, places to go, people to meet, and instills the necessary confidence in him, makes Anthony believe that it's possible, that it's just a matter of time, that his dream would come true one day.

Boy! Does Anthony dream! Anthony dreams of stardom, owning a swanky sport's convertible, cruising at 120 kilometers per hour, girls mobbing him, chasing him, and eventually, ripping off his clothes and kissing him!

This lands Anthony into a whole lot of trouble at the hands of Fr. Briganza, who does not let Anthony get away with any of his supposed transgressions! Penance for Anthony includes cleaning the stained glasses in the church, cutting the creepers in the cemetery!

But let this not fool you. Anthony and Fr. Briganza share a very warm and endearing relationship! Fr. Briganza is not only a father figure, but also a moral guardian, who, in due course of time, helps Anthony choose between right and wrong.

The dynamics between the gang members is a little strange, to say the least. Maqsood is a mad guy, given to rash, often deadly outbursts. Riyaaz is the silent, brooding types, with a devious, scheming mind, while Sikander is the cool chap, always in control, whatever the situation.

Murtuza Seth is actually the leader of the gang. The Don is in semi-retirement, preparing for his Haj pilgrimage. He's happy to have the boys run the gang for him. Though Maqsood is Murtuza's nephew, it's Sikander whom he trusts more.

Maqsood doesn't care much about this obvious difference, until Riyaaz points it out to him. From here on, a 'Julius Caesar' kind of a scenario starts to ensue.

One fine day, Anthony meets a girl called Riya Pereira at the cemetery, while cutting the creepers. Well, when love has to happen, it happens at the strangest of places!

Anthony becomes privy to Maqsood and Riyaaz's conversation, and the ill will that lurks within Riyaaz's heart, as he instigates Maqsood against Sikander. Sikander is oblivious to all this; he trusts both Maqsood and Riyaaz implicitly.

A disturbed Anthony goes to give an audition, and meets Riya again, who's the Assistant Director on the film being made by an NRI Filmmaker, Ms. Bharucha.

The film is an adaptation of 'Julius Caesar', and is set in the Mumbai Underworld. Anthony gets to audition for the part of Mark Anthony.

Anthony is shocked at the content of the scene. He interprets Caesar as Sikander, Brutus as Maqsood, and Riyaaz as Cassius. Anthony performs well, Ms. Bharucha is very impressed, and he gets short listed for the part.

Anthony's romance with Riya blossoms, and hits the first roadblock, when Michael, Bewda, Chindi Chor, Khabari, all rolled in one, steals a megaphone and palms it off to Anthony for a quarter of rum! The megaphone causes the first tiff between Anthony and Karen. Karen relents finally, but not before Anthony has sufficiently placated her!

Meanwhile, Ms. Bharucha tells Anthony that she's finalized him to play the part of Mark Anthony. Anthony's happiness knows no bounds! If there is one person that Anthony wants to tell the most about his dream coming true, it's Sikander Bhai.

Anthony rushes to Sikander Bhai's bungalow, to give him the good news. But when he reaches there, Anthony inadvertently becomes a witness to a crime committed by the gang. Enters Inspector Khan, an honest, conscientious officer, investigating the murder of a dead colleague.

Things come to a head when Michael steals a bicycle, and gets arrested. Michael acts as a catalyst, and Khan gets to know about Anthony being a witness to the crime.

Khan starts to pursue Anthony and the gang with dogged determination. The gang suspects Anthony of having squealed on them, much to Sikander's disbelief.

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves is essentially the story about the friendship between two diametrically opposite characters; Anthony and Sikander Bhai, thrown in are an array of interesting characters.

Friendship, loyalty, love, career, truth, morality, all come into play, as Anthony has to choose between Sikander Bhai, and his dream to become an actor.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Nikhil Dwivedi
Amrita Rao
D Santosh
Pawan Malhotra
Mukesh Tiwari
Daya Shanker Pandey
Javed Sheikh
Anupam Kher
Ishteyak Arif Khan
Saurabh Shukla

Director: E NIWAS
Producer: Bhushan Kumar
Music Directors: Pritam Chakraborty, Himesh Reshammiya
Song Lyrics Writer: Sameer
Cinematographer: Prakash Kutty
Editor: Rameshwar S Bhagat
Screenplay Writers: Mayur Puri, Lajan Joseph
Original Story Writers: Mayur Puri, Lajan Joseph Oommen
Action Choregrapher: Amar Shetty

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