Athidi Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
Oct 22, 2007 By Kishore

Athidi is a banal and sophomoric piece of work by Surender Reddy. Despite the good work done by Mahesh Babu and Amrita Rao, Athidi doesn't titillate at all. The grim fare dished out by Surender Reddy has morbidity writ on all the scenes. From the very first scene itself the director gives clear indication that he isn't going to offer anything new. The way a young couple is shot dead, instantly reminds of Bruce Wayne losing his parents in the Batman movie franchise.

Athidi (waiting to grow up as Mahesh Babu) is an orphaned kid picked up and given shelter by a kind hearted couple (Rajiv Kanakala and his wife). Athidi is overwhelmed by the affection showered on him by the couple and the warmth of their daughter (the kid Amrita Rao). But his new found joy doesn't last long. His benefactors are killed right in front of his eyes. And to make matters worse he is thought to be the killer. So Athidi goes to juvenile jail. After 13 years he tries to locate the girl and talk to her once to convince that he is innocent. Does Athidi succeed?

Mahesh Babu has done his job. But this time there is neither a great story nor lilting songs to provide props to his effort. After a string of hits he can afford a flop. It can be a learning experience for him. But if his work is viewed in isolation he hasn't done anything wrong anywhere. However, Surender Reddy has to learn a few lessons with Athidi, such as:

  • - Casting the best box office bet is not enough to make a hit movie.

  • - Copying from other movies also requires skill.

  • - Movies with have outlandish ideas doesn't have many takers, not even the front benchers (has anyone ever heard of a hardcore criminal becoming a high ranking police official at a young age).

  • - It doesn't hurt to study great movies made by others like Mani Ratnam and Sekhar Kammula etc.

  • - There is always a next time.

The lack of comedy and a creditable storyline seems to have undone Athidi. The huge Mahesh Babu factor doesn't quite salvage the movie. Amrita Rao is fabulous in the movie and could lead to many more offers.

Athidi will fade away from people's memories and the theatres soon. That's what happens to movies devoid of healthy imagination and without a personal touch.