Bas Yun Hi Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Sep 15, 2003 By


Bas Yun Hi mirrors 10 days in the lives of a real group of urban Indian youth, their relationships, issues, lifestyle etc., with a storyline that makes for a very funny 10 days.

You will relate to the characters here— the chef/ café owner (Kabir), his oh-so-spiritual girl friend (Saraswati ala Sara), the feminist (Sona), the stock broker (Rohan), his financial analyst fiancée (Tara), and the assistant director prankster (Aditya), who brings into the picture the bubbly full of life model and actress (Veda) to play out a prank on his best friend.

The action begins when Aditya accidentally finds Rohan’s much discussed Kundli, and in it a description of the girl he is destined to marry. This description of course does not remotely resemble Tara, Rohan’s fiancée.

Aditya organizes for an accidental meeting between Rohan and Veda (who he makes up to fit the girl in the kundli). What follows are a series of ‘super-coincidental’ meetings between the two, which Aditya is filming.

The story goes through many more interesting turns before reaching its resolution