Baghban Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Sep 15, 2003 By IANS

After retirement, Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan) expects his four sons to take care of him and his wife Pooja (Hema Malini). He's invested all his money in their well-being, but in return, they create a sorry situation for their parents.

Directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by B R Chopra, Baghban is a predictable tale reminiscent of the Rajesh Khanna-Shabani Azmi film Avtaar. Yet, despite the cliches, it's an identifiable and realistic story, boosted greatly by Amitabh's outstanding performance and the ever-so-gorgeous Hema Malini's dignified portrayal.

Obviously, Chopra is trying to extend a television-friendly theme to the large screen. Raj has been happily married to Pooja for 40 years, and after retirement, wants to spend time with any of his sons (Aman Verma, Samir Soni, Sahil Chadha, Nasir Khan). The sons initially try to please him thinking he'll offer them money, but when they realise he has little, they hesitate in taking their parents home.

Raj and Pooja end up staying separately, singing songs over the phone as their sons and daughters-in-law make life miserable. Though the first half is stale, the film is lifted considerably when Raj decides to write a book about such a family. Neat performances by Paresh Rawal and guest star Salman Khan add to the impact, along with some hummable Aadesh Shrivastava tunes.

Despite a tacky look and extra soppiness, the film is worth a watch - thanks mainly to Amitabh Bachchan, who gives one of his best post-'90s performances.