Satyabhama Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Romantic
Jul 9, 2007 By Kishore

For those who believe that life is surreal almost like Salvador Dali's paintings, Satyabhama would be something to savor. Satyabhama kindles the uncommon romantic notion of wooing a charming young lady to win her love everyday, and then only to start doing it all over again the next day.

Satyabhama is a little like Ghazni, with a role reversal, minus the violence. Here, because the lady forgets everything that happens in a day once she goes to sleep, it becomes painstakingly essential to woo her again the next day. But given the lady's beauty and charm the temptation is irresistible. People who relish the idea of going mushy with love would definitely find it helplessly romantic to love and be loved in such a comically poignant way.

Satyabhama is a story of a sand sculptor and a charming girl. A beautiful day on the beaches of Goa, a refreshingly charming girl, and an artist to appreciate her inner beauty: obviously love has to happen. It's love at first sight and both realize that. The ambience of the restaurant where they meet only encourages matters further.

But how much further – not even till the next day. The girl has short term amnesia. After an injury to the head as a result of an accident her memory doesn't register anything for more than a day. Though the stored up memory till the day of accident is intact, she neither remembers anything about the accident nor anything after that. She is perfectly normal except that frozen in a time capsule.

So she doesn't even recognize her lover who loves her deeply and whom she too loved equally. But the sand sculptor loves her all the more. He persists in his efforts to win her love, everyday in different ways. Everyday his identity becomes different but his target remains the same.

Satyabhama dares to break the general convention of the lead actor and actress being in peak physical and mental abilities. These days it's a rare thing with a few exceptional like Ghazni.

It's a bold attempt made by the makers of the movie to venture into such challenging ideas. Agreed that its based on a Hollywood movie, but how many Telugus might have seen "50 First Dates" on which Satyabhama is based. In Hollywood such ideas find easy acceptance. The makers should be praised their audacity in making such a movie that can struggle to find acceptance.

Every girl needs to feel safe cocooned in her beloved's arms. Girls watching this movie are enjoying it for this reason. The persistence and devotion of the guy in love is what is making the girls go teary eyed and dreamy. And the guys find it amusing to woo the same girl daily in different ways. And the protective instincts of the hero goes down well with the male audience. Though the scenes move a bit slowly, they engage the audience completely. And there is a comical angle to the girl's amnesia that makes the movie a lighter stuff. No wonder Satyabhama is running to packed houses and will continue to do so for many days.