Ore Kadal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Family Drama
Aug 30, 2007 By Unni Nair

Shyamaprasad's latest offering, Ore Kadal, is definitely a cut above all the other films released for Onam, though it doesn't pack much of box office appeal. Based on a novel by Bengali writer Sunil Gangopadhyay, Ore Kadal tells the story of S.R. Nathan, an economist who is acknowledged internationally. He calls himself a social scientist who has nothing to do with emotions, especially those like love, family attachments etc. He is drawn to women, who for him are just objects to meet his physical needs. He does not believe in maintaining a relationship with any kind of commitment or emotional bonding.

From Nathan, Ore Kadal move to young Deepthi, a housewife who lives in a flat in the same building along with her husband Jayakumar and a child. Jayakumar does not have a steady job and is at wit's end trying to make ends meet. Once when Jayakumar is away, a very strange kind of relationship begins between Nathan and Deepthi and consequently Deepthi ends up being one of 'those women' in Nathan's life. Things take a totally unexpected turn in the lives of the three namely Nathan, Deepthi and Jayakumar and this forms the crux of the plot.

Mammootty as Nathan is simply superb, while Meera Jasmine has delivered an excellent performance as Deepthi. Naren as Jayakumar suits his role. Apart from the performance of the lead players, it is the screenplay that forms the main highlight of the film. Not a scene seems to be superfluous or unnecessary in the film. The narration too is simple and adds to the charm of the film. Some of the scenes like when Nathan, who doesn't believe in emotional ties, goes to help Deepthi, then a total stranger to him, or the scene where he breaks down when he comes to know of the death of his aunt, or the one where he comes to know that he is the father of Deepthi's daughter, have all been well handled and well acted out too.

Alagappan's camerawork and frame composition add charm to the film. Ouseppachan's background score and the songs composed by him are also among the highlights of the film. The sensitivity and the subtlety with which Ore Kadal delves into the sea of human relationships is what makes the film stand out. But Ore Kadal definitely is not box office material, though it is perhaps one of the best from Shyamaprasad, the maker of the very impressive Agnisakshi.

Unni Nair