Chak De India Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007
Aug 10, 2007 By Ashok Nayak

Chak De India is an out-n-out sports based film. The film is to remind India of its national sport. The story revolves around the coach Kabir Khan's struggle to take the Indian Women's National Hockey to the top league. Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh) is the former captain of the Men's Hockey Team. Unfortunately after loosing a match against Pakistan he gets branded as a traitor. He returns to the field as the coach of the women's hockey team to take the team to the top league and thereby seek redemption.

As a coach his job was not just to train his players in the game but rather get them to overcome their personal rivalry and play as a team. His challenge was to instill confidence and belief in self and in realizing that "if you want, you can do it!" He struggles but manages to bring cohesiveness among his players. Does he succeed in his effort to form Team India? Watch the movie to find out.

The first half takes its time to build up the characters, which is engrossing. While the second half is about how the coach gets them to perform as a team. Shimit Amin's direction combined with a extraordinary script makes the film standout from the rest of the films this year. The movie has a certain pure realistic feel to it. The music is above average. The dialogues are brilliant.

Scenes that make an impact -

- The scene wherein the women players get a standing ovation for their performance against the men.

- Introduction scene of the 16 hockey players for the first time on the ground.

- The climax. The words of Kabir Khan just before the World cup final.

- The penalty shoot out scenes.. The tension, the pain was so well expressed by Khan and the girls.

Shahrukh Khan holds the film together, carrying the role with a lot of dignity and succeeds in delivering a powerful performance. The superstar portrays a role of varied emotions exceptionally well. The pain his character is going through can be felt. The bunch of 16 girls are surprisingly good.

To sum things up, Chak De India scores in all departments. Its a rare combination of a great script, brilliant direction, powerful performances and dialougues with a lot of impact. A winner all the way.

Ashok Nayak