Thenavattu Review

"Thenavattu" (chutzpah) is a tale strictly for the brain dead. For the second time in a little over two months Sun Pictures have come up with a film that seems sillier than their controversial maiden venture.

Director V.V Kathir has filched a few scenes from earlier hits without any sense whatsoever, with ridiculous results.

The film is all about a rustic blacksmith Kootai (Jeeva) who makes sickles for a living.

For no apparent reason, the protagonist lands up in Chennai with a sidekick (Ganja Karuppu) in tow to manufacture the deadly weapons for a gangster Kailasam (Ravi Kale).

Suddenly a buxom belle Gayathri (Poonam Bajwa), a music teacher, enters the scene and promptly falls in love with the sickle-maker.

Soon, there are others - an assorted bunch of politicians, cops and others who drag the story towards a climax wherein the gangster's son molests Gayathri resulting in a vendetta.

The senseless storyline makes one wonder how Jeeva, who has been doing only offbeat sensible films, accepted this assignment.

The cast, direction, music and comedy deserve to be ignored.

'Thenavattu' (chutzpah) is a tale strictly for the brain dead. Rating: 1 - Ayyappa Prasad