Pazhani Review

The film is a crass commercial masala of Perarasu's brand. Like yesteryear director Bhimsingh, whose film titles began with "Pa", Perarasu is known to name his films after names of towns. His first two films, "Tirupachi" and "Sivakasi" were well received, while his later films, "Tirupati" and "Dharmapuri" flopped. After having featured Vijay and Ajit in his earlier films, Perarasu has picked up young, and up coming actor Bharat for "Pazhani" (one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga).The director is candid enough to have the tagline "Commercial Panchamritham" with the title. But what is served does not taste like "panchamritham". The story is supposed to showcase the "sister-brother" sentiment. A 10-year-old boy is jailed for murder. He comes out 15 years later to save his elder sister only to be back in jail again. With Perarasu uncompromising on his hackneyed formula, it turned out to be a "fights and dances" galore.

Here goes the story…

Pazhani (Bharat) is convicted of murder and sentenced to life at the age of 10. The boy kills his father's paramour as they both made his mother's life miserable. With Pazhani going to jail, his father becomes a recluse leaving his family in the lurch. Pazhani's elder sister (Kushboo) grows up and gets married to a businessman (Biju Menon) without her being aware of the fact that he is an accomplice of a land shark and mobster (Raj Kapoor). Pazhani comes out of jail after 15 years only to find his sister in a pitiable plight. But she does not want to do anything with her brother. Without revealing his identity, he warms his way into her house on the pretext of seeking a job and reunites with her. Fighting her battles, Pazhani uncovers the anti-social activities of his brother-in-law and reforms him and pulls his sister out of the abyss. He also finds his soul-mate (Kajal Agarwal).

Bharat is projected as a "Superman". The characterization of his role breaks all laws of credibility. This is not the type of film which can help Bharat to shed the "boy next-door" image and rise to join the ranks of action heroes like Vijay and Ajith. However, he does the role as best he could. His dancing prowess is fully exploited.

"Pazhani" is the first Tamil film for Kajal Agarwal. She looks glamorous. Apart from dancing, she has no scope to demonstrate her acting talent. It is a cakewalk for Kushboo. As sister and housewife her performance is powerful and dignified. Aiswarya eminently fits the role of termagant who wreaks a family.

Biju Menon and Raj Kapoor play the villains, and their performances cannot be faulted, though they are not menacing and sharp-witted enough. The father of "Pazhani" just shows up and disappears.

M.S. Bhaskar and Ravi Mariya provide some lighter moments. Srikanth Deva's music and background score go well with the mood of the film. "Tiruvarur Theru" is a peppy and "Thai pola thaan" is melodious. Vijay Milton handles camera with astuteness. Art work by G.K. is excellent.

Coming to the film, there is hardly a scene without some one or the other getting slapped or thrashed. Lengthy homilies in between fights and jigs that come in quick succession leave the audience bemused. The element of suspense is missing and with the result there is nothing to hold attention.

The film is a crass commercial masala of Perarasu's brand. Rating: 1 - PVS