Nenade Nenapu Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Romantic
Sep 2, 2007 By RGV

Ninade Nenapu is directed by Madan Patel, a singer and actor who has made his directorial debut with this film. The film's hero is his son Mayur Patel and is produced by his daughter Chinmayee. Ninade Nenapu is a love story, which confirms to the present love trend in the Kannada films. The director wants to convey a message to the lovers that they have to convey their feelings to the people they love, and there is no point in concealing their love. Express your feelings to your lover, says the director.

Madan Patel had a good career as an orchestra singer and he had managed a popular orchestra group, which brought out some good musical talents. And as a film actor and a film producer he did not achieve big success. As a first time film director he has done a better work in scouting the right locations for the songs shooting. But he has not been ably assisted by cameraman Venus Murthy for the songs. But Patel has not shown the same level of interest in narrating the story of the film. He has not been able to maintain the tempo for the film.

Though the songs of the film are well composed one song tune is a take off from the Mahesh Babu starrer Telugu film Pokiri. The song Heegeke Nange is melodious and catchy.

A studious college student Vijay does not have any interest in love, but his Junior college mate Shilpa thinks otherwise. She falls for Vijay, but expects that her lover should first express his feelings for her. Vijay likes Shilpa, but does not think about love. He focuses on studies and does not respond to Shilpa's inner feelings. Later on the story gets a twist and Shilpa feels that Vijay has fallen for her, though her lover does not have anything connected to love. Finally the story ends on a tragic note.

Mayur Patel proves again that given a good role, he can really perform well. He needs good scripts. Newcomer Maaya from London has good scope in this film, but she has to improve in her expressions. Anant Nag's role is brief, but he has done justice in the limited opportunity.

Ninade Nenapu ends up as a mediocre film and unfortunately Mayur may well have to wait for a right break as even his father has failed to deliver him a good script.