State Rowdy Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Dec 9, 2007 By Kishore

The title and the tagline suggest an out and out comedy which 'State Rowdy' desperately tries to become, but with little success.

A middle aged Brahmin (Chandra Mohan) rents out the first floor of his house to a group of bachelors. These guys act very decent to get the house. Once they move in their true colors emerge. They smoke, drink, and ogle at neighboring girls. They even tease his daughter (Madhu Shalini). When Chandra Mohan objects to their behavior they abuse and man handle him. Chandra Mohan goes to seek the help of a lawyer. He hires the auto of Venu Madhav to go to the lawyer. On the way he tells his story to Venu Madhav. Venu Madhav suggests that instead of taking the help of a lawyer its better to take the help of a rowdy that can settle the matter in minutes.

Chandra Mohan agrees to the proposal. So Venu Madhav takes money from Chandra Mohan and asks his friend Rambabu (Shivaji) to act as a rowdy. Rambabu is a jobless man still dependant on his sister and sister-in-law. He agrees to the lot and starts acting as Bullet Babu. Bullet Babu (Rami Reddy) is a real rowdy spending time in jail. Since people haven't actually seen Bullet Babu in the area that Venu Madhav and Shivaji are targeting to work, the plan works. But, for how long? Does the fake goon drive the bachelors out of the house?

State Rowdy is a remake of the Tamil movie Ethiri. The original was a good one, but the remake didn't shape up well because of the deviation from the original. The director made too many changes and added few of his own. That took the charm off the movie.

Shivaji is good as a fake rowdy. His comic timing is good. Venu Madhav's comedy hovers between mediocrity and excellence. At times he is brilliant and at times he is simply repetitive. Mallika Kapoor and Madhu Shalini have done their bit. Chandra Mohan is as usual flawless in his rendering.

The weak point is the direction and the script. This is not the movie that can entertain the Christmas and the New Year crowd.