Nava Vasantham Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007
Nov 11, 2007 By Kishore

Nava Vasantham is a different movie that's based on the theme of friendship. The movie comes at a time when majority of the filmmakers of Telugu Cinema cannot think beyond love and violence as themes for movies. Of course there is a love angle in the movie but it plays second fiddle to the dominant theme of "friendship".

Ganesh (Tarun) comes to the city in search of his maternal uncle. His maternal uncle had started business in the city with the money given by his mother. In return his mother had only one wish before dying: to get Ganesh married to Ammu (Priya Mani), her brother's daughter. Her brother (Ganesh's uncle) promises and assures to get them married. But the uncle in question here goes back on his promise and doesn't even recognize Ganesh. Ganesh then vows to make it big and take away his rightful bride.

He joins three friends from his village that have come to the city with big dreams. One wants to become an IAS officer, another nurses the dreams of becoming a singer, and the other (Sunil) one cherishes the goal of becoming a mimicry artist. But they find the going getting tough. The singer ends up serving as a peon to a music director. The IAS aspirant finds it hard to pay for his college fees. The would- be-mimicry star makes rounds of film producers' offices. Unable to pay the house rent, they are constantly jeered by the house owner (Kota Srinivasa Rao).

Ganesh comes to the rescue of his friends. He is a pauper himself except for a gold chain around his neck, but with his hard work and selflessness he tries to help his friends. Do they achieve their goals with his help? Do they ignore Ganesh after achieving their goals? What happens to Ganesh's own dreams of making money and marrying his childhood sweet heart and cousin?

Nava Vasantham is certainly a good movie, sans any violence and vulgarity. It's a neat film that can be watched with family. Also the movie is rich in emotions centering on friendship. Tarun was inexplicably absent from the film industry for three years. He has worked well and this can be his come back vehicle.

"Choosha Chhosha" song is quite a catchy and melodious one.

Though there is a slight overdose of emotion and tear jerking emotional dialogs, no one is complaining, for the fresh theme of friendship. The credit goes to the Super Good Films banner that really gave another super good film as a Diwali gift to the audience. Keep up the good work.