Chirutha Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Romance
Sep 30, 2007 By Kishore

People agree vehemently that no Telugu movie had ever created so much of curiosity or publicity as Chiruta has done. We have the local government officials put in to service for overseeing the smooth issuing of tickets in the face of complaints regarding sales of tickets in black. This is a rare thing in any film industry. Such is the brouhaha generated about Chiruta that young guys were seen pleading with theatre managers and owners with recommendation letters from local politicians for tickets.

So obviously the billion rupees question is: does Chiruta measure up to the hype generated around it? It does, magnificently. And Chiruta unveils the talents of a raw Ram Charan Teja with full splendor.

Ram Charan Teja, the son of megastar Chiranjeevi has been groomed perfectly to become a star. He does become a star with the movie Chiruta. And why wouldn't he? He emotes well, dances like his father used to do when he was decades younger, and fights better than you would expect.

Every about Chiruta is secondary, including the story. The movie is all about the launch of Ram Charan Teja. Ram Chran Teja is lean, mean, and hungry for success. He doesn't have a single ounce of fat on his body. He is very agile. He dances with unmatched suppleness and rhythm. Manisharma's music provides the perfect alibi to show off his dancing talents.

Ram Charan Teja has passed every possible scrutiny with aplomb. He has more than met the expectations of people. Watching Chiruta makes you forget that you are watching the son of a rich star son in action. Ram Charan Teja looks every inch a lean, mean, and ruthless 'mass' character that he plays in the movie. There is not a single shot where he gives away. There is a lot of promise in this young star. He can be cast in romantic roles too in future.

Chiruta is not a great directorial venture of Puri Jagan. He doesn't do a bad job either. Yet Chiruta is a good entertainer. It's Ram Charan, Ram Charan, Ram Chraran all the way. No Telugu movie lover can afford to miss the movie.