Thotta Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Thriller
Mar 2, 2008 By PVS

This is a gangster movie all right, but Director Selva has made it an edifying saga of gratitude, love and sacrifice.

The story revolves around a youth brought up by an unscrupulous, corrupt and lecherous police officer to be his henchman. Circumstances make the gangster turn hostile to the police officer and he finds himself in a "do or die" situation. The end product, as it turns out, is a mass entertainer with a mix of all commercial ingredients.

A boy who comes to see his father finds his mother dead. A police officer (Sampathraj), who indulges in nefarious activities, adopts the boy and names him "Thotta" . He is shaped up as a rowdy at the beck and call of the police officer who is later promoted as Commissioner. Thotta becomes a hardcore thug who has no qualms to even commit murders for money. An industrialist's son engages him to throw acid at a girl, Nalina (Priyamani) to disfigure her face. However circumstances bring him closer to Nalina. Her life's ambition is to join the police department and Thotta promises her that he would help fulfil her wish. He approaches his mentor, the police commissioner, for recommendation and the latter demands a price, that is to sleep with Nalina. An enraged Thotta revolts and points a gun at his mentor and throws a challenge that he would get the girl the police job without his help. How Thotta battles the police commissioner and the consequences are shown in a shocking climax.

Jeevan has made his mark in "Naan Avan Illai". In "Thotta" is a role that is cut out for him. He gets into the skin of the character and gives an exhiliterating performance.

Jeevan-Priyamani ripostes bring the house down.

Priyamani looks glamorous and does her role with consummate skill. She shines especially in emotional scenes as also in a dance sequence.

Sampathraj as police commissioner comes out with flying colours. His face-off with Jeevan is portrayed in all dimensions.

Vishnupriyan plays the lieutenant (Giri) of the hero. Hema Chowdhry plays the head of the rival gang (Vana Roja). Mallika dons the role of Vishnupriyan's wife with shades of grey. The others in the ensemble, including Saranraj, Linvingston and Santhana Bharathi are just props. Mayilsamy provides some comic relief.

Srikanth Deva's music is average. The notable numbers are "Mugam Poo" and "Venum Venum". "Sami Aaduda" and "Vaa Vaa Mappillai" are pleasing to the ears. His background score is a let-down.

Though the director has obviously treaded a beaten track, many interesting sub-plots and startling episodes are woven into the script making the film click.