Romeo Malayalam Movie Review

Dec 21, 2007 By C.P. Parashuram

Actor Dileep's "Romeo" in Malayalam is the first of Christmas films off the block. On paper, it had everything going for it, with a dream team backing it.

Written by Rafi Mecartin and directed by his former mentor Rajasenan, the film has everything that you expect from a Dileep starrer - slapstick comedy, good music et al. However, the soul that binds a film together is missing.

"Romeo" is the story of a male nurse Manu (Dileep) working in a big hospital. He is the son of struggling actor Ratheesh Kumar (Cochin Haneefa) and a former singer played by Mallika Sukumaran, who is now judging a musical reality show on the TV. Comic situations in the film introduce the audience to all the characters.

The comedy continues, with Manu going crazy about Leena (Samvrutha), a contestant on his mother's TV show. She is the daughter of local thug Avarachan (Bheeman Raghu). Manu is so fascinated with her that he forces everyone around him to SMS for her so that that she can win the competition.

While Manu is busy wooing Leena, Priya (Vimala), who works in the same hospital, takes a fancy to Manu.

Before Priya can confess her love, Bhama (newcomer Shruthy Lakshmi), a Tamil Brahamin, enters the same to complete a trio wooing Manu.

The screenplay becomes so dense by interval that the rest of the film is devoted to loosening the tangled web. It becomes clichéd with stock characters making an appearance until the free-for-all climax.

The second half is such a disappointment after the good build-up in the first half that it leaves us jaded and numb in the head.

Dileep works hard to make good use of whatever material he has got in hand. He starts the proceedings in full flow, but slides down to mediocrity by the end. Even the screen time he gets is negligible.

Of the three females, Samvrutha impresses with her screen presence as she has got a somewhat meaty part. Vimala is good in whatever little she has got to do. Shruthy disappoints because her role is not well etched out.

The comic brigade consisting of Cochin, Suraj Venjaranmoodu and others are good in supporting the main leads.

On the whole, "Romeo" is watchable, but it is disappointing if we start with high expectations from the A-class team behind it.

Rating: 0%
C.P. Parashuram