Vazhthukkal Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Family, Romance
Jan 16, 2008 By Mythily Ramachandran

Vazhthugal revolves around Kathiravan, a successful entrepreneur who manages a software company. Kathiravan is an affectionate son and socially responsible too. His company is involved in various social activities.

When his close friend's parents are forced by their daughter-in-law to leave home, Kathrivan decides to marry a girl who will keep his parents happy. While watching a television programme he is impressed by Kayal, a college student from Coimbatore being interviewed on a show.

To a question by the interviewer, 'where do you see yourself in another five years?' Kayal deviating from the usual clichéd answers replies, "As an ideal wife, mother and daughter-in-law." And during the course of her talk, she attributes her success to her large and loving family consisting of her parents, maternal grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins. Kathiravan is impressed with her attitude and feels that she is the right life companion for him.

He goes to Coimbatore to woo her. But meeting her in her college does not help.

So he takes it as an opportunity when he learns that Kayal's grandfather is on the look out for an interior designer to renovate their traditional home. Posing as an interior designer, he undertakes the job winning the hearts of Kayal and her family members.

So is it all smooth sailing then for the lovers?

Not when the family comes to know that the two are in love, especially Kayal's grandfather who believes that all love marriages are a failure. But Kathiravan does not want to marry Kayal without her family's acceptance. How he wins their love is what Vazhthugal is all about.

This film is not a plain love story but emphasizes on the need to love one's parents too and win their acceptance.

As Kathiravan, Madhavan is spontaneous and comes through his character with ease. Maddy though needs to loose weight. The pretty young thing Bhavna puts up a good performance. And the onscreen chemistry between the two is good. If only there were not so many songs that seem to drag the story.

Of course 'Vazhthugal' is predictable, but it entertains with a message that comes through when Bhavna says in the film, " It is because people fail in their responsibilities as a daughter and a mother, that there is an increase in the number of old age homes and orphanages."

The script by director Seeman avoids the use of English words. Music is by Yuvanshankar Raja. Vazhthugal is a clean and neat movie.

Mythily Ramachandran