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Right Yaaa Wrong is a catchy thriller with most things in the right place. The chemistry between Irfaan and Sunny makes it an even better watch.
Mar 12, 2010 By Ashok Nayak

Right Yaa Wrong is an interesting story of two police officers, Ajay Singh (Sunny Deol) and Vinay (Irrfan Khan), whose strong friendship turns into an intense rivalry in the battle for supremacy. An unexpected incident that brings Ajay's life to a haul. Unable to resolve his situation, Ajay decides to conspire his own murder with the help of his illicit wife and his step brother. But the plan somehow goes haywire and an unexpected murder happens. Ajay becomes the prime suspect. The case is handed over to his friend Vinay. Vidya (Konkana Sen Sharma), Vinay's younger sister, is Ajay's only support as Ajay and Vinay fight it out against each other.

The investigation transpires into a mystery locked with secrets. Behind the secrets lies an astonishing discovery. Ripples begin with wits and mind games. No one can solve the mystery until Ajay shares his secret.

Director Neeraj Pathak, besides being an exceptional writer, successfully establishes himself as a director with 'Right Yaa Wrong'. Although the plot line is simple and not novel, the movie has what it takes to be a good thriller. The character's are established in no time and the movie stays sharply focused with many intriguing scenes. Like Sunny conspiring his own death along with his wife and brother, the conflict between thick friends who are on opposite sides of justice and the court-room drama creates an aura of mystery that is gripping and keeps you on the edge of the seat. However, the film has its share of flaws too. The editing is loose and music is not up to the mark. Like the entwining of Sunny's sons picture when he attempts suicide or the wild rats chase and melodrama that creeps in here and there in the otherwise excellent courtroom drama makes it a slightly dearly.

The beginning reels are a tab bit slow and gives a seen-before-many-times kind of feel. But mid-way through the first half, the pace picks up with some much-needed instances that makes the proceedings very interesting and throws up quiet a few surprises too. Post interval the film again has some loose ends with some repeated sequences that just adds to the runtime. However, boredom never creeps in and the film with its unpredictable twists and turns manages to hold on to your attention till the end. The captivating courtroom drama where Konkana Sen Sharma unknowingly sides with Sunny Deol and bails him out of the case is really invigorating and leads to an even more captivating climax. The movie is also devoid of overtly dramatic scenes and lengthy dialogues, a trademark of Sunny Deol films over the years.

After long hiatus, Sunny Deol proves his talent yet again playing an underdog. However, Irfaan Khan steals the limelight with a marvelous performance. Some of his scenes with Sunny are make for a compelling watch. Konkona Sen Sharma manages to make her small role noticed in a film that was shot two years ago. Sanjay Singh is impressive as Anshita's bro-in-law lover. Esha Koppikar is pretty and plays her part well.

To sum up, Right Yaaa Wrong is a catchy thriller with most things in the right place. The chemistry between Irfaan and Sunny makes it an even better watch.

Ashok Nayak