Raman Thediya Seethai Review

This is a story line seldom explored in films, of a young man who faces rejection in his search for a bride.

The young man, Venugopal (Cheran) is well settled in business and seeking a bride in the traditional manner. The first girl, he sees is Ranjita (Vimala Raman) living in Nagercoil. When Venu shares with her, the reason for his stammering habit owing to a childhood incident, Ranjita rejects him. A second alliance is arranged, but the bride Vidya, (Ramya Nambisan) elopes with her lover on the wedding day.

Her father, Manickavel (Manivannan) takes it upon himself to find a wife for Venu. Venu is much dejected until he accidently meets a blind radio jockey, Nedumaran (Pasupathi). And watching Nedumaran's zest for life, he regains his self confidence.

Venu's search for the right girl brings him to Nagercoil with Manickvel to meet Gayathri (Karthika). At Nagercoil, he meets Vidya, whose husband was in jail for killing a neighbor. Vidya who is pregnant was finding hard to make ends meet. Venu admits her into a hospital, where Ranjita was working. Just when you thought that probably Venu had found his bride, you learn that Gayathri was not meant for Venu. She was in love with Gunashekaran, (Nitin Sathya) a petty thief who has turned over a new leaf as an auto driver.

Venu takes it in his stride and his search continues. On Nedumaran's suggestion, he goes to meet Senthamarai (Navya Nair), a police inspector there along with Ranjita. Does Venu finally find his bride?

A neat and clean story with situations based on life, 'Raman Thediya Seethai,' depicts the scenario today, where women are independent in their thinking. Despite all rejections, Venu remains the ultimate do-gooder. Neither does he harbor any hard feelings toward the girls who have rejected him.

Cheran has done a remarkable job as the protagonist. Soft spoken without going overboard in his emotions, he scores well. Pasupathy's versatility comes to the fore in his role, as the visually challenged jockey. Nitin Sathya shows promise. All the women in the film, each having a distinct identity, play their characters well. Vimala Raman as Ranjita is a pretty picture and emotes well. Gajala as Tamilisai, Nedumaran's wife looks refreshing and so does Karthika.

A simple story told plausibly with an able cast carries a message that says, 'It is hard to choose one's partner, merely by meeting each other for five minutes.'

Rajesh Yadav's camera work is a visual treat. Minus violence and item numbers, 'Raman Thediya Seethai,' a feel good romance certainly entertains.

Minus violence and item numbers, 'Raman Thediya Seethai,' a feel good romance certainly entertains. Rating: 3 - Mythily Ramachandran