Malabar Wedding Synopsis

Two young directors, Rajesh and Faizal are all set to make their debut with a light but relevant film, Malabar Wedding, a film that comments on some very relevant things, in a very interesting manner. 'Sorakalyanam', a custom prevalent in some parts of Malabar even now, forms the backdrop for the film. 'Sorakalyanam' is a custom where friends of someone going to get married make fun of the bridegroom-to-be or bride-to-be by cooking up false stories against them and by playing all kinds of practical jokes upon them. Manukuttan and his friends have always been doing such things with others. Everyone knows and understands that they themselves will be at the receiving end of this quaint tradition when their turn comes for getting married. Manukuttan too knew this. When he finally gets married to Smitha, friends come up with stories and jokes about him. Manukuttan takes it sportingly, but for Smitha, who was brought up outside Kerala, it creates problems. It affects the couple's married life to a very great extent. Indrajith plays Manukuttan while Gopika does the role of Smitha. Malabar Wedding is getting ready for release.