Mr. Bhatti on Chutti Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Mr. Bhatti On Chutti is a faded, jaded attempt at comedy that fails to even make you smile leave alone chuckle!
May 18, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

This is one film that's been in the pipelines for the longest time, so much so that even the lead actor Anupam Kher himself pronounces as a foreword in his character, "Hello, yeh movie bahut time se atki hui thi kyunki humari paas paise nahi the release karne ke liye. Ab paise aagaye hain toh hum release kar rahe hain. Please isko dekho!" Though the earnest appeal does strike a chord in your heart would the film really do the same? Find out...

Mr Bhatti is clumsy simpleton who wins a trip to Europe out of the blue. Bring the delusional man that he is, Bhatti is under the impression that he has been called over by George W.Bush, for supposed peace talks. Once there, Bhatti soon ends up in a mess as he gets mistaken for his resemblance to international terrorist Abu Siddique. How Bhatti gets out of this mess, but not without saving the world is what makes follows through the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Karan Razdan who's successfully managed to make repeated attempts at bad films like Mittal Vs Mittal, Aagah: The Warning among others in the past tries his hands at comedy, a genre that is already bleeding in Hindi film industry with the on-going jaded attempts made by many a renowned filmmakers. And as one would predict, he falters even at that.

Within no time in the movie you'd know the attempts being put on this film isn't to make it better but to worsen it further. The films almost falls off a cliff of bad jokes bumping on the way on humour ranging from sad, boring to horrible.

Never before has Anupam Kher been characterized so poorly that one would want to ignore his entire body of work and go ahead pan his hamming. Worse still, there's so much of Anupam Kher in the film that whether you like him or hate him you cannot ignore him. The other actors like Bhairavi Goswami and Pavan Shankar are best avoided.

Respite comes only for a few seconds in the form of Amitabh Bachchan who with his cameo almost reassures you that there still are some good actors and some sanity left in the world!

Well, when you have a cameo serving the best moments of the film then it's only better to stop at that.

Mansha Rastogi