Innathe Chinthavishayam Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
Coming from Satyan Anthicaud, Innathe Chinthavishayam appears to be rather unimpressive. Though the film is not bad, it doesn't seem to rise to one's expectations.
Apr 12, 2008 By Thomas T

Reviewing Innathe Chinthavishayam is not like reviewing just any other film, because it comes from Satyan Anthicaud, a director who has given us many memorable movies. But coming from Satyan Anthicaud, Innathe Chinthavishayam appears to be rather unimpressive. Though the film is not bad, it doesn't seem to rise to one's expectations.

Innathe Chinthavishayam begins with the depiction of the lives of three couples, namely Dr. Muralikrishnan-Treesa, Peetambaran-Prameela and Noushad-Rehna. These couples are married, but not happily so. Problems crept up and life partners split ways. Each of the three ladies, namely Treesa, Prameela and Rehna, who had earlier itself been friends, now live alone, separated from their husbands. It is into this scenario that Gopakumar, a garment exporter, makes his entry.

Gopakumar wants to see the couples happily re-united once again. He becomes close with the three separated ladies as well as their kids. Meanwhile a young fashion-designer named Kamala Devi joins Gopakumar. The two try to re-unite the couples. Treesa, Prameela and Rehna, who all are fond of Gopakumar, resent the entry of the young Kamala at first, because they feel that she would corner all the attention of Gopakumar. But later they accept Kamala into their fold. Gopakumar and Kamala, with the able support of Immanuel, a broker, finally succeed in re-uniting the couples.

All members of the cast have done their respective roles well. Mohanlal as Gopakumar, Meera Jasmine as Kamala, Mukesh as Dr. Muralikrishnan, Sukanya as Treesa, Vijayaraghavan as Peetambaran, Mohini as Prameela, Ashokan as Noushad and Muthumani as Rehna fit well into their roles. Innocent as the broker Immanuel and other supporting artists like Siddique, Vanitha, Babu Namboothiri, Sreelatha, Mamookoya etc have also done well.

But when you take a critical look at the film, you feel that neither Mohanlal nor Meera Jasmine is actually needed to do the lead roles. The character of Gopakumar could very well have been done by anyone else. An ace performer like Mohanlal has got nothing to justify his presence in the film, while Meera Jasmine's character doesn't have much importance. Meera was there in the last three films by Satyan Anthicaud and in all of them she had made her presence felt. But here as Kamala, she hasn't got anything spectacular to do.

The songs, though brilliantly picturized, are not memorable either in terms of lyrics or music. They even seem to be similar to the songs in Rasathanthram. The technical aspects are in tune with the theme and the mood. However, now and again one gets the feeling that Vipin Mohan's cinematography would have been better suited to Satyan Anthicaud's style of direction, though Alagappan has done his camerawork brilliantly.

The screenplay and the dialogues falter at many places, especially where Mohanlal's Gopakumar speaks romantically, reminding us of the sequences in Thanmathra and Life is Beautiful. The audience even resorts to some booing in these sequences - something not usually seen with Satyan Anthicaud films. The characters get sentimental in totally unwarranted situations, which too does harm to the film. The sub-plot dealing with Kamala and her parents (played by Siddique and Vanitha) has not been handled in a proper manner either.

Summing up, all we can say is that Innathe Chinthavishayam is a good film, but the questions that remain are: Is it a film that required the involvement of talented actors like Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine? Is it a film that an ace director like Satyan Anthicaud had to make? Perhaps it would be best to watch this movie forgetting the name of the director. Then maybe you will get to enjoy it better.

Thomas T