Ring Tone Review

Jun 6, 2010 By Veeyen

In Ringtone, Bala plays Krishna, a man on the run, after being wanted for beating up a policeman. Soon joining him is Meera (Megha) a girl with a mysterious past. And hot on their heels in Nainan Koshy (Suresh Gopi) who has been put in charge of investigating a few cyanide deaths in Tamil Nadu.

The logical loopholes in the film are large enough for us to fall through. If you watch the tear gas scene at the beginning you might even think tear gassing is fun; a few coughs here and there, and people waking away with not even a drop of tear from their eyes.

There is another scene later when a hospital help rushes in and announces that there is a bomb scare and the police officer much to our surprise grabs the poor man by the throat and shouts at his followers to 'take him'!

What do we say about the climax? With a bomb strapped to her waist, the girl jumps off a cliff, and flies through the air for some time before perching comfortably on a tree down below. And then something else happens, that I would not dare mention here. You need to watch it yourself to believe it.

Strange are the twists of life indeed. I mean, you have a name like Krishna, and in your attempts to run away, you climb atop a truck and lo along with the buffaloes having a peaceful journey you find a girl named Meera.

The film from what I could understand is based in some village in Tamil Nadu, but the Tamil that every character utters in the film be it a Tamilian or Malayali is atrocious. So is the English. And the Malayalam.

It would have been nice if we could get some idea as to what Suresh Gopi was doing in the film. Yeah, he's a cop for sure, and what does he do? He's seen jumping around in some jungle supposedly in Andhra Pradesh with an all Malayali team, making life hell for the terrorists. Soon he's on his way to Kerala to hunt down Krishna, and on the way happens to stay at the village in Tamil Nadu where Krishna is hiding. Naturally he meets Krishna there and things become much easier for him.

The songs of the film match up to the rest of the mood of the film. They are noisy to the point of being ear splitting, and the lyrics are unmentionable. The background music is deafening as well, and it escapes me why they have to shout some rap songs at the top of their voices when the officer is having a look around a crime scene and quietly tossing around a pot that has been left behind.

I didn't understand why they have named this film Ringtone. But then I didn't understand much of what happened in the film either.

I didn't understand why they have named this film Ringtone. But then I didn't understand much of what happened in the film either.
Rating: 1.1 / 10