Vaada raha - I Promise Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Apart from the performances, Vaada Raha is below average from start to finish.
Sep 11, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

Samir Karnik's first two movies (Kyun Ho Gaya Na and Nanhe Jaisalmer) were box office disasters, and then came Heroes which did decent business. The director is back with yet another movie 'Vaada Raha...I Promise'. Right from his second movie, to his current, Samir has always roped in Bobby Deol as his lead star. Vaada Raha, too, stars Bobby in the lead opposite Kangana Ranaut with Dwij Yadav and Sharat Saxena playing the supporting roles.

Inspired from a Russian fable, Vaada Raha is about a successful doctor Duke, whose life comes to an abrupt pause as he meets with an accident the night before he was to wed his love Nalini (Kangana Ranaut). After the accident, he remains nothing but a vegetable, paralyzed from his neck and below. Soon his love, friends and everyone around desert him completely. With nothing left to live for, a small boy Roshan starts to fill up Duke's thirst for life and helps him forget his grief. Will Duke gain back his confidence and hope on life? Can Roshan actually bring one such change in Duke? This forms the rest of the story.

Samir Karnik has immense potential but is let down by a faulty half-baked script. Vaada Raha is heart-rending but is mediocre. The wafer thin plot line is dragged endlessly, at most times unnecessarily with some weird twists into being an emotional melodrama. The movie goes off-track midway and the plot gets sluggish. The climax too is very disappointing.

Script is King and with a terribly faulty script it's extremely hard for the director of actor to save the film. Dialogues too are lame. Music adds no value, in fact ends up extending your boredom.

Samir Karnik has managed to extract good performances out of his actors. Bobby Deol does very well as Dr Duke. Dwij Yadav mouths dialogues that is way beyond his age but enacts it very well. He shares an amazing rapport with Bobby. Kangna Ranaut looks good, but her talent is wasted.

Overall, apart from the performances, Vaada Raha is below average from start to finish.

Ashok Nayak