Pulival Kalyanam Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Jan 13, 2004 By George Jose

If you are looking for movies that will make you think, relationship issues etc. look somewhere else. This movie is all about laughter. Forget yourself and your real life issues and just laugh out loud.... the whole theatre is with you.

Though the movie plot is as old as the very beginning of movies, a love affair between poor man and a rich girl, what is different here is the presentation. Shafi has been successful in keeping the audience interested in the movie by touching your humorous side through out the movie. The cast is the closest to perfect. Jayasoorya, Kavya Madhavan and Lal have taken care of the story line with their acting skills. Harisree's "Poothiri" and Salimkumar's "Manavalan" will make you roar with laughter. Jagathi, Cochin Haneefa and the rest have done an excellent job. The first half goes of fast because of introduction of new characters. The second half slows down a little bit as the director try to shift the focus more to the story line. Though Berny Ignatious' music is a total let down, the technical crew has done an excellent job with Boban doing art direction and P.Sukumar handles the camera. Overall "Pulival Kalyanam" is a good family entertainer.

Jayasoorya helps his foster brother Lal(who is disabled in a mishap) in the business of fireworks. In order to raise money to give dowry to his sister who is in love with Jagathi Sreekumar's son, Jayasoorya takes a loan from MANAVALAN FINANCIER'S (Salim Kumar). He accidentally switches his mobile phone with Kavya who is the daughter of a business tycoon Lalu Alex and ends up falling in love. Salimkumar needs his money back and brings with him Cochin Haneefa, a taxi driver, to whom he owes money. What follows next is a string of events, which make the rest of the movie hilarious.

George Jose